The Basset Artesien Normand dog breed

The origins of the canine breed basset artesien normand are quite recent. Originally from France, it was created for hunting. Its small size and short legs allow it to penetrate the thickest vegetation, where large dogs cannot enter and bring out the game that hides there.

He prefers to hunt rabbit, but he can also hunt hare or roe deer, his pursuit is not very fast, but energetic and orderly.

Its progenitors are two breeds now disappeared: basset d’artois and the norman basset, and in addition to its nation of origin is also known in the United States, in the rest of the world is almost unknown.

The basset dogs are considered following dogs, even if they are often confused by many inexperienced people with the dachshunds that are a different thing, being den dogs.  There are two varieties: the artisien, originally from Flanders and the Normand, selected in Artois.

At the origin of its short legs there is a genetic malformation (like that of the German dachshund), and then dachshundism, which appeared as a spontaneous mutation, has been fixed by man by mating the subjects carriers.

Currently it is not only used for hunting, but as a companion animal. Its sweetness and docility make it a perfect family dog.

Character of the Basset Artesien Normand dog breed

The basset artesien normand is a very good dog and is often bred as a companion dog because of its ability to adapt well to family life, but it is also brave, fearless and obviously a good hunter. It is very affectionate, especially with the owner and suitable to stay with children and other animals, especially dogs, as it is often used to hunting in packs.

During the hunting season it is a fearless dog, stubborn and gritty, able to withstand long walks and hard work trials; in fact it is considered the most intelligent of all the hounds for small game, also because of its high trainability.  It is a true hunter and expresses in its work all its joy of life.

Being bred in moult, it cannot stand solitude, it can become destructive if left alone for a long time. It’s a bit stubborn and headstrong, so even if it can be trained very easily, it’s a good idea to start right away as a puppy, with a firm education. It has a very pronounced hunting instinct, so it may decide to follow a trail and run away if it is not kept safe, also barks very frequently. It is therefore not suitable for apartment life, unless, in fact, has not been educated from an early age to bark a little.

It is not very suitable as a guard dog, because it tends to socialize immediately with strangers, but because of its barking is considered an alert dog. It is not very suitable for elderly or sedentary people as it is a very active dog, which must be brought at least a couple of times a day, to go for long walks and possibly runs. It is essential for his health that this dog can do all the movement he needs to discharge his vitality.

Appearance of the dog breed basset artesien normand

The basset artesien normand is a medium-small dog, its height at the withers varies from 26 to 36 centimeters for a weight ranging from 13 to 16 kilograms. Morphologically classified as a braccoid, it is the small cousin of the basset hound, but its characteristics are not so marked. It is a long dog, well placed, with a solid structure and a rather dry musculature, with the right bone structure in relation to the size. It has very muscular and big paws although very short in length and they can be arched or semi-arched.

But its musculature needs a lot of physical activity, perhaps outdoors, just to allow the Basset Artésien Normand not to gain weight and make sure that its weight does not affect the muscles and bones of the legs. The tail is rather long, strong at the root and progressively thinning.

The head is dome-shaped, of medium width and has a rather gaunt appearance. The snout is elongated with a black and broad truffle, a little forward of the lips and with well opened nostrils. The eyes are large and dark, with a calm and serious look at times almost melancholic, sometimes the red of the lower eyelid can be visible. The ears are attached low, very long and end in a point.

The hair of the coat is sparse, short and thick without being too fine. Coat colors are tricolor or white and orange or two-tone, with fawn spots on the head or black on the coat.

Health and Care of the Basset Artesien Normand Dog Breed

The Basset Artesien Normand is a dog that only looks fragile and delicate. In reality, it is very robust and resistant and enjoys excellent health.  It has an average life span of 13-14 years.

As far as the care of the coat is concerned, it is very easy, a brush every now and then and a bath when needed are all that is necessary to have it always in order.

As far as food is concerned, a healthy and balanced diet is needed, made up of the right nutrients for its sustenance and its physique, but it must be moved daily and for a long time. The lack of proper movement leads to obesity, as he is predisposed to this disease. There are no specific pathologies known for this breed.

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