The bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund dog breed

The bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund dog breed was born towards the end of the nineteenth century from a selection between the Hanoverian, the Bracken and the Tyrolean hounds. In order to hunt deer, chamois and other game in northern Germany, a lighter dog with good agility was needed, able to withstand long walks and the harsh climate of those areas. At first, Hanoverian hounds were used, but in those mountainous areas, with very difficult terrain, this breed was too heavy and therefore unsuitable. The products of the crossbreeds mentioned before turned out to be immediately excellent for this hunting task. And so the bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund was born, which in German means mountain and blood.

It belongs to the group of bloodhounds and bloodhounds. It was Baron Karg-Bebenburg of Reichenhann who selected in 1870 this breed, which today has become the classic companion of German gamekeepers and foresters. In 1912, the Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund club was created in Germany, based in Munich, which is the only accredited club for this breed.

Character of the bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund dog breed

The Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund is a very docile dog that is very attached to its owner. Extremely patient especially with children, he plays very happily and seeks cuddles. He builds an indissoluble bond with his master and is very affectionate with his family.

It defends its ownerโ€™s belongings, thatโ€™s why hunters take advantage of this gift by getting it used to defending its backpack and always being close to it so that even if left alone in the woods there is no risk of it straying. It can live both in the house and in the garden, as it does not fear the cold, but if it lives in the house it needs a place of its own of which it will become protective.

It is very lively and courageous, therefore perfect for hunting, but being also very balanced and calm it is also very well at home with the family. At home he is a polite and clean dog. With strangers he is a little shy and reserved, but he never becomes aggressive. It is always important, however, to keep him active and let him take many walks in the open air.

As a hunting dog it is one of the best in the world, this is a dog that can sniff out even the smallest trace of blood and follow its prey, always finding it, even for miles. It is a dog that defends its prey from strangers, with strength and courage, waiting for its master to reach it. And only he allows to approach.

Appearance of the bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund dog breed

The bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund is a medium sized hound, the height at the withers goes from 47 to 52 centimeters for a weight from 20 to 30 kilograms; the female usually a little less.ย  Its physique is apparently small but in reality it is a particularly massive dog.

On the whole it is a harmonious dog, rather light, but very agile and muscular, the neck and back are strong and elastic, the paws are muscular and have a strong and resistant bone structure.ย  The pads of the feet are very thick and strong and allow him to walk and move in all types of terrain. The tail is of medium length, attached high and carried on the 0rizzontal or falling slightly tilted back. Morphologically classified as a braccoid type.

The skull of the bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund is wide, with flat surface even if very slightly arched. The muzzle is not too long nor too wide and a little thin under the eyes. The truffle is black or dark brown, the ears are longer than average and hang along the head. The eyes are not too big and almost round, dark brown or even light brown in color and have a very alert expression.

The coat hair is dense, flat and well laid, slightly rough to the touch. The coat hair differs in the different parts of the body; on the ears it is finer while on the chest, legs and tail it is coarser.

The colors can be different: deep red, red deer, reddish brown, fawn, even from pale yellow to yellow-blonde; reddish-gray similar to the winter coat of cervids, even carbonated or with small dark spots. The main color tends to be more intense on the back. Dark muzzle and ears. Generally, the tail shows small dark speckles.

Care and health of the dog breed bayerischer gebirgsschweisshund

It is a fairly long-lived dog, its average life expectancy is 14 years. As health does not present particular problems, it naturally tends to be overweight, therefore a healthy and balanced and more than anything else controlled diet is a must. It does not particularly tempe the cold, except on the ears, as they are very droopy, they can get wet in drinking water and give him problems.

As far as the care of the coat is concerned, it does not require any particular care because it is a very clean dog in itself. It is enough to brush him every now and then, while it is not necessary to bathe him too often.

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