The Bull Terrier dog breed

The origins of the Bull Terrier dog breed date back to the 19th century in Great Britain, where the ancestors of today’s Bull Terrier were selected for dog fighting, which was very much in vogue at the time, but also with bears and bulls and also for hunting mice. The history of its selection is rather complicated as there have been countless breeds that have been crossed to obtain the modern Bull.

But as early as the eighteenth century the Old English Bulldog breed (now extinct) and the Old English Terrier breed (currently known as the Manchester Terrier) were crossed, this was to combine the speed and dexterity of the Terrier with the tenacity of the Bulldog.  From these crosses came two smaller breeds, the Miniature Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It was around 1870 that a breeder named James Hinks began a selection process that resulted in new crosses between the Bulldog and the English White Terrier, which is no longer selected today but looked very similar to the current Bull Terrier. This research continued for 12 years because the breeder wanted sleeker dogs with a head more pleasing to the eye. From this research was born the founder of the breed that was called Puss, which participated in a dog show with great success, but the crossbreeding continued with the aim of giving elegance and agility and reduce the stop of the nose. Up to the present standard.

Character of the Bull Terrier dog breed

The Bull Terrier is a courageous dog, so much so that it is also called “the gladiator of dog breeds”, but it is also lovable, joyful and with a calm temperament and inclined to discipline, very protective and affectionate towards its family, but it needs an early training and an owner who knows how to give it a decisive and coherent education, and above all that it is respected. It is therefore not suitable for those who are at their first experience with dogs, as it is a bit stubborn. It should also be remembered that it was originally bred as a fighting dog and would react if put to the test, but normally it hardly makes the first move.

The Bull Terrier when he is with people he knows is a quiet dog and is discreet with strangers, unless he sees them as a threat, he is a faithful and reliable companion for his master and his family, so much so that he is considered an excellent guard dog. Provided that they respect its spaces it is also an excellent companion for children as it is very playful.

It is suitable to live in an apartment because it is also a dog that loves to stay at home, it is quiet and not prone to destructiveness or excesses. The important thing is that he needs movement and lots of exercise to release his innate energy and active spirit. But after exercise he needs a lot of sleep, in fact this breed sleeps much more than many others. The puppy gets as much as 50% of the day’s sleep.

He almost never barks and when he does it is for a reason. If well socialized it has no problem being with other dogs and even cats.

Appearance of the Bull Terrier dog breed

The Bull Terrier is a medium sized dog with a strong build, very muscular and solid. However, there are two distinct breeds: the Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier miniature (or dwarf Bull Terrier). The Bull Terrier has a height at the withers of 40 centimeters for about 28-30 kilograms of weight for the male, for the female a little less. The miniature is quite smaller.

It has a typical long head, egg-shaped, which makes it unique and gives it an intelligent and alert but also fearsome expression. The eyes are small and triangular, placed sideways, dark brown or black in color. The ears are small, thin and close together and are carried well upright and must be set very vertically, the tail is low and short.

The coat is also short and for this reason it bears poorly the low temperatures.  The hair is rather sparse, uniform and hard to the touch. The classic color is pure white, even if the skin shows some darker pigmentations that never extend on the coat, but it can also be tiger, tricolor and colored, that is, with black or brown hair that predominates over the white.

Care and Health of the Bull Terrier Dog Breed

The Bull Terrier is a robust and healthy dog that generally does not have any particular health problems compared to other breeds. The all-white Bull Terrier however can suffer from allergies and dermatitis as it is more delicate, and also congenital deafness.  Its life expectancy is about 12 years although very often it can be longer.

Its feeding must be followed with great attention as it tends to put on weight because it has a great appetite and would tend to eat more than necessary, but if well fed and exercised it remains in excellent shape.

As for the care of the coat, just brush it periodically and give it a bath 2 or 3 times a year. It is important to clean his ears often, using a suitable detergent.

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