The clumber spaniel dog breed

The origin of the clumber spaniel dog breed is disputed between France and England. There are in fact two versions; one says that at the end of the 18th century, when the French Revolution broke out, the Duke of Noailles sent his dogs to England to rescue them. He sent them to the Duke of Newcastle, who raised them at his home in Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. Hence his name, the Clumber spaniel.

Some, however, claim that this is just a legend and that the origins of this dog are English. This is because in a painting of 1788 the Duke of Newcastle is represented with 3 dogs that look very much like the clumber spaniel and that could very well be the ancestors.

However, unfortunately this very good breed is only known in England and France, and not much here either. A few specimens have been brought to the USA, but otherwise it is almost unknown.

The ancestors of the clumber spaniel are thought to be the union of the Alpine spaniel and the French basset hound, although nothing is certain about this. It originated as a hunting dog used in France for beating and retrieving. It is also very popular in England as a hunting dog, although it can easily become a companion dog, even though it needs a lot of exercise every day.

Character of the clumber spaniel dog breed

The clumber spaniel is a very reserved dog, but also strong, energetic, generous and very intelligent. It is very dedicated to its tasks, so it is very popular as a hunting dog, but it is also suitable as a guard dog. But it can also be a very good companion dog as it is also reliable, dignified, gentle and sweet, and knows how to behave with children, with whom it loves to play, with strangers and also with other animals in the house, with the sole exception of birds which it unfortunately considers to be prey.

It is always faithful and affectionate towards its owner, as it is towards all the other members of the family and even towards other dogs. It is a dog that is suitable for everyone, as long as they go out several times a day. Its ideal would be a house with a garden where it can spend several hours a day, but it is also suitable for a flat.

He is never aggressive and even if he is initially wary of strangers, you will soon realise that he is just being reserved. It is very easy to train as it wants to please its owner, is very intelligent and is therefore also suitable for those who are new to dogs. However, it needs to be socialised from an early age, but will not give much trouble.

Appearance of the clumber spaniel dog breed

The Clumber Spaniel is a medium-sized, muscular dog with a heavy bone structure but an overall very well-proportioned physique. It is not slender and long, but neither is it stocky. The height at the withers for a male ranges from 48 to 51 centimetres for a weight of around 34 kilograms, the female usually a little less.

It is a very special spaniel and different from all the others. Less slender than other spaniels but much faster than expected. The general appearance denotes strength and the short legs and long body make for a swinging gait. The limbs, as already mentioned are short, straight, strong and well bony, with the hindquarters very powerful and well developed. The tail is attached low, well fringed and carried at the level of the back.

The head is square and massive, as is the skull. The truffle is rather big and usually flesh coloured. The jaws are well developed and from the head come out large ears covered with abundant hair, falling forward but not too much. The eyes have a funny and thoughtful look, but are clear, slightly sunken and dark amber in colour.

The coat is abundant, dense and straight, with fringes on the neck and chest. The most common colour is white, with lemon or orange markings, sometimes with small spots on the head and spikes on the muzzle.

Health and care of the clumber spaniel dog breed

It is a fairly robust dog but can have several health problems. It is particularly prone to hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and ear infections. It has a life expectancy of 11-12 years. It can tolerate the cold, but if it lives outside it must be able to take shelter; it is less able to tolerate the heat and must stay cool during the hottest hours of the day.

As far as feeding is concerned, it must be given a balanced and controlled diet, as it tends to eat more than it needs, and it must also be able to get plenty of exercise every day.

Grooming the clumber spaniel takes time as it needs to be brushed daily to avoid knots.

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