The dog breed enteblucher mountain dog

The origin of the dog breed Entlebuch is in Switzerland and precisely from Entlebuch, from which it takes its name, a valley in the region of the cantons of Lucerne and Bern.  This is the smallest of the Swiss mountain dogs and until not too long ago it was associated with the Appenzell Mountain Dog, until in 1913 four examples of a cross between this dog and the bobtail were presented at the Langenthal dog show, but it was not recognized until 1926.

It has been used as a livestock guide, also used as a shepherd’s dog, as a watchdog and as a stationary dog. It is able to lead to the pasture not only flocks of sheep, but also herds of much larger animals such as cows and horses. Currently, due to its adaptability in any environment, it is also considered an excellent companion dog.

Still today, it is not a very diffused dog, but its admirers are not lacking (and are always growing), especially among families with children. It is a very little known breed outside of its own country. In Italy there are few specimens.

Character of the Entlebuch Shepherd dog breed

Like all cattlemen who have a magnificent character, the Entlebuch is very faithful to its master for life and makes it its point of reference. It is also affectionate with the other members of its family circle, both humans and animals.  In fact, if socialized from a young age, it gets along well with all the pets living in its home, of which it also becomes a sort of protector. He also gets along well with children, in fact he likes to play a lot, with the precaution of the size that he has to manage.

In fact, the Entlebuch needs a lot of movement, it is an energetic and tireless dog. It is a strong and fearless spirit, lively and attentive but above all good, which is good anywhere, even in an apartment because it adapts well to the rhythms of the family; but it must not be very sedentary, its tranquility in the house depends very much on its daily activities.

The Entlebuch is a very intelligent dog and therefore very easy to train, but it is slightly suspicious with strangers so it is not very suitable to be a guard dog. Its intelligence and learning ability make it an excellent avalanche dog and for searching for missing persons.

It bears loneliness badly, therefore it is not suitable for families that would leave it alone most of the day. It needs to stay especially with its owner for whom it has a very strong attachment. In spite of its excellent character, it is more suitable for sporty and not elderly owners.

Appearance of the dog breed Entlebuch Cowboy

It is the smallest of the bovines, but still maintains a remarkable size. In fact, the height at the withers can reach 52 centimeters in the male with a weight that can reach 30 kilograms. It is therefore of medium size, rather low, with a slightly elongated shape and less massive than other bovarians.

The build is robust with a wide chest and marked chest, its legs are rather short, vigorous, straight and parallel, the tail, which follows the extension of the spine, is slightly inclined. Some dogs of this breed are born with a very short tail. Overall, it is a harmonious dog of balanced proportions.

The head is well proportioned to the body, with a flat and relatively wide skull and a thick, black truffle.  The muzzle is pronounced, gradually narrowing but not pointed. The ears are not too large, with a high hairline, are relatively wide and drooping. The eyes are rounded, hazel in color, sweet, very expressive and intelligent.

Finally, the coat has a double coat, with a short, very close-fitting, strong and shiny coat and a thick undercoat. There are 3 colors: black, red and white. The undercoat is black, the markings go from yellow to brownish red, almost rust colored, and finally white spots around the truffle, where it stretches in a narrow line between the eyes. on the chest and feet.

Care and Health of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog Breed

The Entlebuch Mountain Dog is a very sturdy dog that is not prone to frequent disease. Like all bovarians, it is prone to hip dysplasia and the most common diseases involve the eyes, which should therefore be kept under control. It has a life expectancy of about 13 years.

As for the keeping of the hair, it is enough to brush it two or three times a month, it does not need particular cares and the loss of the hair is modest.  High temperatures do not scare this robust dog and its double coat protects it well from cold and humidity.

It is a dog that loves the outdoors like all bovines. Not very suitable for apartment life, but you can adapt to it, it can live in the city but with numerous walks during the day.

As far as alimentation is concerned, being robust and energetic, it needs a balanced diet and if it doesn’t do enough exercise it tends to put on weight because it has a good appetite.

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