The epagneul picard dog breed

The origin of the epagneul picard dog breed is French, specifically originating in Picardy, in the Somme valley. It is a very old breed; in some documents we find traces of this dog in the 11th century, which was already appreciated as a hunting dog in Picardy. From its origins it was trained as a hare and wild duck hunter, in fact it is very well suited for hunting in marshes and has excellent stamina.

In the 19th century the breed went through a period of neglect, but when the first subjects were exhibited in Paris, at a dog show in 1904, it was greatly revalued and appreciated by many enthusiasts who also discovered its excellent hunting and endurance qualities. These subjects represented the product of a careful and long selection process. After which there was a peak of diffusion in France, unfortunately outside its country of origin it is almost unknown.

The epagneul picard is a hunting dog, with a very acute sense of smell, adept at searching and with a solid stop. It is suitable for all types of hunting, but prefers moist terrain. The FCI recognised this breed in 1954 and its definitive standard was in 1963. In addition to being a hunting dog, it is also known as a companion and family dog due to its character that adapts to every situation.

Character of the epagneul picard dog breed

The epagneul picard is a very intelligent dog, and has many other qualities. It is very obedient, cautious, devoted and faithful. It has a very close relationship with its master and shows great courage in case it is in danger. It was born as a hunting dog; in fact, it is much appreciated by those who prefer to go hunting with only one dog. It has a methodical and detailed search, a very acute sense of smell and a solid stop that it keeps until its master arrives.

At the same time, it is also a cheerful, docile and affectionate dog with its family. It can certainly make itself loved by everyone, people and other animals alike. He loves cuddles and playing with children towards whom he always shows great patience.

With regard to its training, both as a hunting dog and as a companion dog, it is a dog that is also suitable for those with little experience because it is very obedient and always wants to please its master. It is, however, capable of making independent decisions, which especially in hunting are decisive.

It is a dog that barks a lot, like all hunting dogs, and therefore tends to signal any kind of noise or movement out of the ordinary. But as it is very affectionate with everyone, it is not an excellent guard dog. It adapts to any lifestyle, but needs its own space and plenty of fresh air. The ideal for him would be a house with a garden in which he could spend several hours a day. However, don’t forget that the epagneul picard suffers greatly from loneliness and becomes sad and melancholic if it is left alone for any length of time.

It is not suitable for elderly or sedentary people, as it needs a lot of daily exercise to vent all its exuberance.

Appearance of the epagneul picard dog breed

The epagneul picard is a medium-sized dog, morphologically classified as a braccoid. The height at withers for a male ranges from 55 to 60 centimetres for a weight of around 25 kilograms; the female usually a little less.

A very solid and hardy dog, its body structure is well-proportioned. It is a robust dog with strong, nervous limbs. The tail, not too long, attached not too high, convex and concave is adorned with beautiful fringes, just as fringes also cover its legs which are decidedly muscular. The whole is strong and harmonious, elegant but rustic at the same time.

Its head has a round, broad skull, a long, fairly broad muzzle, and ends in a truffle tending to round, usually brown in colour. The ears are attached low and are covered with a beautiful silky, wavy coat. The eyes are dark amber, very lively and expressive. The gaze is sweet, the bearing of the head is proud and gay.

The coat is coarse and not very silky, while it is fine on the head, on the trunk it is slightly wavy. The colour is generally mottled grey, with brown areas on various parts of the body and at the root of the tail. There is often blotchiness on the head and paws.

Care and health of the epagneul picard dog breed

This breed does not suffer from any specific diseases or hereditary diseases; the only thing to watch out for is otitis. Its average life expectancy is around 13 years. It does not suffer from the cold as its coat offers it good protection, both from the cold and the damp, in fact it likes to work in water. While in hot weather it is good to avoid activities during the hottest hours of the day.

As far as coat care is concerned, it is a rustic dog and does not require any special care, therefore a weekly brushing is sufficient. The ears, on the other hand, should be checked often, especially after hunting. Hair loss is moderate.

If he gets the right daily exercise he does not tend to put on weight, so a balanced diet commensurate with his efforts is all that is needed to keep him well.

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