The CERTOSINO is a very special cat. It has an ancient history, it is said that it was brought to Europe by the Knights Templar who took them to the mountains of Syria. Many of these felines were given to the Certosini Monks as a thank you for their hospitality in the Certose, and the monks continued to raise them because they were excellent mouse hunters and protected food supplies, barns and manuscripts. This, however, is but a legend related to this breed of cats. The safest origin of this feline comes from France, raised in the 1930s by two French sisters, the Legèr sisters and a few years later their cat Mignonne was elected Miss Cat CERTOSINO in the world at the Paris exhibition.

It is not a very popular cat in Italy but appreciated very much in France and Belgium.

The best feature of this cat is its character. He has a strong personality, but he is loyal and balanced. He is very attached to the family and especially to the human that he chooses as a companion, but he is also attached to other family members. He doesn’t particularly like other types of cats, so even a move or a move for him is not a problem. It does not tend to be territorial, the CAT CERTOSINO cares to be with you in the family and even if you have other animals usually we get along. It is a very cold cat so don’t be surprised if in winter it slips under the covers with you. He doesn’t like to be picked up and scrambled if he doesn’t feel like it, and when that happens he makes it clear.

His disposition a little dodging, makes it necessary to respect his times, but being a lover of cuddles, he or she will not wait long. His affective qualities and calmness make him suitable for apartment life, pleasant company and reliable, so much so that he is also called the cat-dog. It is quiet and very quiet, meows rarely yet makes its presence felt with pur purs and looking for your gaze. Suitable for the elderly and also for children for his patience. He tolerates loneliness quite well, but he feels very much the prolonged lack of the human with whom he has established the strongest relationship.

It is a very beautiful cat, elegant, muscular and strong. The female generally has a body similar to a domestic cat, while the male can be up to 7-8 kilograms and even beyond. They live on average about 15 years or more and it is a very robust animal. You just have to pay attention to the food as it is very greedy and tends to eat more than it needs. So try to dose the amount of food daily based on your age and weight, but never leave as much as you want. To keep her thick fur beautiful just brush it once a week and she doesn’t need any other special care. Check your ears every now and then and even your teeth because they tend to suffer from a build-up of tartar.

The coat of this cat is thick, shiny, supported by a thick under woolly fur. Grey with blue reflections and rich in shades from ash to slate. In the official standard of the cat CERTOSINO are allowed all shades of gray as long as there is no difference in hue between the hair and the under fur and the color must be uniform. The eyes are large, round and spaced with a color that varies from copper to gold, but with a prevalence of bright orange. The head is round and the jaw is powerful with pronounced cheeks. The color of his coat is not immediately definitive, at birth in fact the CERTOSINO is streaked and around the year of age the streaks disappear leaving the place to a uniform cloak.

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