The Haldenstovare dog breed

The origin of the haldenstovare dog breed is Norwegian, more precisely from the city of Halden, and it first appeared in the early 20th century.

The haldenstovare is thought to be the oldest Norwegian hound, but it is not widespread, except in its country of origin where, by the way, the numbers are quite modest. It was selected as a hunting dog for Norwegian rabbits.

Among its ancestors, besides local breeds in the county of Ostofold, it was most probably crossed with the foxhound, the English bearle and the bearle harrier. It resembles the American foxhound but is smaller.

The first haldenstovare breeding was created by Hans Larsen Bisseberg, a breeder living in Ostfold County in 1860. It has had several names in the course of time, and the current one first appeared in 1938.

Character of the Haldenstovare dog breed

As already mentioned, the Haldenstovare is a hunting dog, not a companion dog, and not even a family dog, as it recognises only one owner. It is used as a single dog and never as a pack dog. It is oriented as a tracking dog and is oriented towards a single type of game that must never be changed again.

It is a rather intelligent breed and is very well-balanced and good-natured, but has a very independent and autonomous character and is therefore not suitable as a first dog; it needs a firm, consistent and early education as it is stubborn and as already mentioned very independent.

He has a highly developed sense of smell, but his other senses such as hearing and sight are also more developed than normal. He has a solitary temperament and this allows him to tolerate his master’s absences very well. With strangers he is rather wary, so he makes an excellent guardian. Ultimately, it is only suitable for a hunter.

It has a constant need for exercise, which is why it is not suitable for lazy, sedentary owners. It requires long walks and preferably a home with a garden.

Appearance of the Haldenstovare dog breed

The haldenstovare is a medium-sized dog. It is a typical hound with a very solid and robust structure. Well-proportioned as a construction and with the right ratios between head, torso and limbs. The height at withers of a male ranges from 52 to 56 centimetres and a weight of 18 to 24 kilograms. Between male and female the weight and height is almost equal.

Its gait is rather fast and loose. Its tail is rather thick, carried low and inserted neither too low nor too high.

The head has a rather broad skull, with a rather full muzzle. The truffle is black and rather thick. The ears are turned forward and reach halfway up the muzzle, the eyes are medium-sized, have a calm expression and are generally dark brown.

The coat is very dense, straight, rough and with a thick undercoat. The colours are generally basic white, speckled with black, with shaded spots on the head and limbs.

Care and health of the Haldenstovare dog breed

This breed enjoys excellent health, is very robust and does not fall ill easily. It does not suffer from congenital diseases or structural problems. Its life expectancy ranges from 11 to 13 years.

Its diet must be balanced, varied and abundant, as this dog often works in the cold and weather, which it can withstand very well. It needs constant exercise.

As far as the care of its coat is concerned, this does not require any special care other than a brushing once a week.

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