The hygenhund dog breed

The hygenhund dog breed is a relatively recent breed. It was in fact created in Norway in the late 19th century by crossing certain types of German hounds with Swiss hounds such as the now extinct Aargau and Thurgau hounds. The name of the breed derives from the name of the breeder Hygen, considered to be the father of the breed.

These specimens were used for hunting foxes and hares. Unfortunately, during the 20th century these dogs suffered a collapse in popularity because they were considered to be very possessive of their family members and possessions.

The spread of this breed is very limited even in its country of origin, Norway, elsewhere it is practically unknown. At home, in order to keep the breed’s characteristics intact, special attention is paid to selection so that it loses none of its characteristic traits.

Character of the hygenhund dog breed

Being predominantly a hunting dog, he is scrupulous and punctilious in his work, paying close attention to the smallest details: his endurance is the envy of many breeds far more famous than himself. However, he is also a dog that lives very well at home and in the family. His character is cheerful, always lively, very intelligent and always ready to play; that is why he is also very suitable for families with children towards whom he has a lot of patience. It is also a very balanced dog with a sweet and accommodating character.

This breed is also perfect as a guard dog, in fact they are very wary of strangers and very possessive of their family members, in fact if not well trained they can be quite aggressive towards strangers who get too close to their family members. They are also very possessive about their own things, such as food or toys.

It also lives well in a flat, as it is a breed that adapts very easily; the ideal for this dog is a house with a secure garden where it can run and spend several hours a day. He suffers a lot from loneliness, however, so it is good to leave him alone for a short time.

As far as training is concerned, it is a breed that is not suitable for first-time dog owners. It has a very stubborn character, so it needs an owner who knows how to train it properly from puppyhood. Especially as he is a rather restless dog and tends to run away. As mentioned, it needs a lot of exercise throughout the day, so it is not suitable for elderly or sedentary people.

Appearance of the hygenhund dog breed

The hygenhund is a medium-sized dog. The height at the withers for a male is 50 to 58 centimetres for a weight of around 25 kilograms, the female usually a little less. Its bone structure is very sturdy although long-limbed, with a well-developed musculature. It is a solid and collected dog. The croup is long and broad, the tail, thick at the root, tapers towards the tip and is carried straight or with a slight upward curve. The legs are long and perfectly straight.

The head is of medium size, fairly broad but not heavy. The ears are attached at medium height and are neither wide nor long. The eyes are of medium size, and have a serious and calm expression. The truffle is always dark in colour.

The coat is smooth and adherent to the body, of medium length. It is particularly dense and firm to the touch and is glossy. The coat colours are generally brown, yellow-red, red-brown. But it can also be found black or fawn with or without white or speckled white.

Care and health of the hygenhund dog breed

It is a robust and solid dog that enjoys excellent health and requires no special care. It has an average life expectancy of around 12 years. It is not afraid to work in bad weather and in any temperature. Only when it is very hot is it a good idea to schedule its work or movement for the cooler hours of the day.

As far as its diet is concerned, it is not a dog that tends towards obesity, as its endurance and liveliness allow it to maintain its ideal weight. As for coat care, a weekly brushing is sufficient to keep his coat healthy.

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