CoronaVirus, nCoV-2019, SARS-CoV-2 – UPDATES

The coronaviruses also called (CoV) would actually be a family of viruses that normally attack the victim’s respiratory system. Depending on the type they may cause more or less severe and prolonged symptoms over time. There are several strains of this virus. To give an example the last initially called 2019-nCoV and later renamed SARS-CoV-2, would be responsible for the pathology called COVID19. Another example of this virus is THE MERS.

The name coronavirus is due mostly to the form. This type of virus is very common in many animal species and in some cases would have mutated to infect humans. When we talk about the new coronavirus in this article, we refer to the new strain of this virus that had never been found in humans. The strains of coronaviruses that attack the man and have been identified should be 229E, NL63, OC43, HKU1, MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and the 2019-nCoV.

Without claiming to teach someone anything, we report the meaning of the word virus according to wikipedia for simplicity. It is an acellular microorganism with characteristics of an obligatory parasite, as it replicates exclusively within the cells of other organisms. A microorganism refers to a microscopic organism not necessarily classified as living or non-living. Being an obligatory parasite it needs to use, in this case the cells of another organism like the human one to multiply. Some of these virulent microorganisms, as they have to exploit the cells of our body to replicate, can cause problems in the host body. Viruses are profoundly different from bacteria because the latter are real living microorganisms consisting of a single procariota cell.

We still have no reliable data on this virus and we are not yet able to provide treatments that can make all the people who contract it with mathematical certainty. The disease, covid-19, can occur in a mild or severe form and seems to get much worse if there are other certain serious pre-existing diseases.


For the sake of convenience of reading we will aggregate the news related to the new coronavirus in chronological order descending or from the most recent news to the most inveterate. Anyone who wants to read the timeline in descending order can read the article from bottom to top.

June 6, 2020

In Italy for a couple of days we returned to move also in the neighboring regions and many were able to embrace their loved ones who were in a different region from theirs. Infections in Italy would seem to have fallen a lot and even the victims of coronavirus, in other parts of the world is not so. In Latin America, for example, cases of victims and infections have increased exponentially, reaching and exceeding the numbers of Italy. Meanwhile, worldwide, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has reached 6.7 million, with more than 375,000 victims. It would be the fourth day in a row with more than 1000 deaths in Brazil, 1124 deaths in the last 24 hours and the US recording 1225 new deaths in the last 24 hours. Cases of coronavirus deaths are also on the rise in India and Algeria.

May 17, 2020

While in Italy, tomorrow they should reopen all the activities and numbers of infected and dead drops significantly every day, in the rest of the world unfortunately things would be different; New dramatic record in the United States where in the last 24 hours more than 25,000 cases of coronavirus and another 1224 victims would be recorded. According to John Hopkins University, there are at least 1,467,884 people infected in the U.S. and at least 88,754 people who died as a result of the virus. Even in Latin America, cases in less than 3 days would have increased by 77,000, surpassing half a million people with 28,500 deaths. The other nations of South America would also not be better off, unfortunately. Meanwhile, WHO regional director Hans Kluge said in an interview with the British Daily Telegraph newspaper that the easing of lockdowns in many European countries should not be an opportunity to celebrate the end of the coronavirus. The same is said to be very worrying about the autumn as there may be a second wave of Covid along with another seasonal flu. Meanwhile, Russia would become the second country in the world, after the US, for a total number of sick people, which would be 281,752.

May 7, 2020

Europe would be the continent most affected by the pandemic, but while the numbers would stabilise, in other parts of the world it would be increasing exponentially. In the US in the last twenty-four hours there would have been 2,073 deaths, in the country so far more than 73,000 people with 1,228,000 infections, while Latin America has exceeded 300,000 confirmed cases, including more than 16,000 deaths, with about 45,000 positives detected in just 72 hours. In Europe, however, several nations would have eased quarantine. For example, Italy on 4 May would have given citizens the opportunity to visit their relatives, and would have started the opening of production companies, giving the possibility to more than 4 million Italians to return to work. France, from Monday, would also ease the rules by reopening industries, but openings linked to the various areas of France. The country is divided into green and red zones, in the latter the transition would take more cautiously. In the UK, Boris Johnson would hold back in front of his ministers over the easing of lockdown, against the backdrop of the coronavirus emergency numbers, waiting to announce the first stages of Phase 2 in a speech to the nation scheduled for Sunday night. In Moscow there would be more contagiocs than in all of China. We would still be in phase 2, or about to enter, and so we should all learn to live with this virus, at least until a vaccine is found.

May 1, 2020

Today would be good news, finally. More than a million people would be cured in the world of coronavirus. But the numbers still remain very high. With a total of 3,257,500 positive results for the virus, 233,405 died. In America unfortunately would not slow down the spread of the virus, the daily number of dead would rise again, according to Jhons Hopkins University, were today 2502 compared to 2200 yesterday. An authoritative virologist from the US task force against coronavirus would not rule out the US being able to get to the vaccine by next year. In Europe, the situation remains serious but not uniform, according to Hans Kluge, who is the WHO’s regional director for Europe, as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and France still have the highest number of cases, but as a result of the space-out measures there would be reductions in the new cases. Kluge added that when the first wave of the coronavirus has passed, it would be essential to prepare for a second and even a third, especially if there is not yet a vaccine available. In Germany, religious services would be allowed to be celebrated again, but under certain conditions that guarantee safety.

27 April 2020

Yesterday there was an important turning point at least for Italy, premier Conte in a press conference in the country, would dictate the general lines for the start of phase 2 of the coronavirus, the restart. There are not many concessions, the whole thing would still be to be looked at from the point of view of security and therefore the reopenings would be staggered. They would first reopen manufacturing companies, the swells and construction sites on 4 May. For everyone else for now we look at the date of May 18 for retail stores and for the first of June for everyone else. As for the global pandemic numbers to date, there would be 2,810.00 infected with almost 194,000 deaths. In other countries, too, some activities are beginning to reopen, for example in Bangladesh textile factories would reopen, while in China classes would resume for students in the final year of high school and in Wuhan would reopen tourist attractions. In Gaza they would reopen restaurants. While in New York City a lot of people leave and don’t know if and when they’ll come back. There would be too much contagion in the big apple and people are afraid given also the numbers of victims that are there every day. However, the general situation would have changed a little, even if only loose, but always kept under close control.

16 April 2020

Let’s start with the European data that to date are the following: according to the agency French France Presse, there are about 90,000 people in Europe who have died of coronavirus. The WHO said at a press conference about the pandemic in Europe: “We must not make mistakes now, even though spring has arrived, we are still in the middle of the storm. Some countries still have to experience the strongest impact, while in others there is a moment of calm with the number of new cases decreasing. The WHO also adds that out of 300,000 tests carried out for the coronavirus, 1 in 13 cases of contagion involves a health worker. The UK would remain in lockdown for another three weeks due to a situation that would contain around 100,000 infections and hundreds of deaths a day.

In the United States, about 31,000 coronavirus deaths would be lost to the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University count. The US is the most affected country in the world by the pandemic ahead of Italy with 21,645 victims, Spain with 10,130 and France with 17,167. Coronavirus cases totaled 639,700 cases in the US. There would be about 22 million Americans out of work; they would have lost their jobs in the last four weeks with the closures arranged to contain the coronavirus. New York State is expected to remain closed until May 15, while other states will reopen before others.

In Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has extended a state of emergency for the pandemic to the whole of Japan.

April 11, 2020

Easter Eve with the coronavirus, yesterday no Via Crucis in our parishes and tomorrow no Mass, and even more you now feel the distance from our loved ones with whom we were accustomed to share such holidays. Unfortunately today nothing is as it was only a short time ago, and we still have to deal with quarantines and limitations. The numbers of this pandemic are not at all good, to date the deaths from coronavirus in the world exceed 95,000, with 1,600,000 cases confirmed, of which a third in the United States. It is slowing down the epidemic in Europe but is increasing alarmingly in other countries such as Africa. From the United States would come shocking images, taken by a drone, of coffins buried next to each other in mass graves near New York. Unfortunately in Bolivia there would be the case of a 5-month-old baby who died from coronavirus, and there was another one of only 6 weeks in Connecticut who would be the youngest victim of this pandemic. Meanwhile in some countries such as Iran, it would be thought to start phase 2 to gradually return to normal, as did China, which has already resumed activities although with many restrictions to avoid a much-feared return.

31 March 2020

Retno Marsudi announced that Indonesia would close the inbound and transit borders of all foreigners in order to contain the epidemic. However, there should be some exceptions for certain diplomaic missions and for those who have residence permits. The Indonesian authorities should also strengthen controls against Indonesian citizens who are travelling to return to their country.

Aaditya Mattoo, the world bank’s chief economist, said that because of the new coronavirus, China’seconomy could go through a shutdown that would lead to poverty over 11 million people. According to the economist’s forecasts, China’s economy could slow to 2.3 from the 6.1 recorded in 2019. In China there would have been a slowdown in new cases of infection with new coronavirus, with 81510 confirmed infections, 3305 deaths and 76052 discharged from hospitals. It is therefore calculated that the healing rate in china should be around 93.2. There would also be 48 new cases imported from abroad.

India decided to convert some sports facilities such as a stadium to cope with the onset of cases of the new coronavirus. The BBC said India’s health system may not have adequate human resources and materials to cope with the virus and manage the crisis. In fact, in India there would be only 8 doctors per 10,000 people.
In India the total number of recorded cases is expected to be 1251 with 32 deaths.

According to Italian Minister Luigi di Maio, health aid on a ship and a plane would be arriving from Turkey in the next few hours. Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish minister, told the Italian minister: “Italy is really important to us, my friend. For any help we are there.”

In Instambul in Turkey,a new hospital with 600 beds would be ready in advance because it is scheduled for May. The structure would have been built on top of another felled for safety reasons. The project would be financed by the Islamic Development Bank group with over 150 million euros. The number of places equipped with state-of-the-art intensive care machines and principals would be 99. Across the nation out of 10827 cases of positivity there would have been 168 deaths. The director of the Islamic Development Bank group Salah Jelassi said the health facility will serve as a center of excellence in cardiology and organ transplantation.

In Israel, the Ministry of Health reported two new deaths, in addition to the previous 16. A total of 18 people who have died and 4831 have died. The two dead women would have had previous serious illnesses. In Tel Aviv, Palestinian government spokesman Ibrahim Milhem said there would be one death in the 117 cases of positivity.

The task force monitoring the situation of the coronavirus in Moscow in Russia reported that 11 would be the number of deaths. Again, it is reported that patients had chronic diseases.

US President Donald Trump, after taking note of the approximately 2900 victims, announced that the measures in place to contain the transmission of the new coronavirus will be in place for another month, at least until 30 April. In this country, to date there are about 160,000 confirmed cases of positive patients. FORTUNE said that by the end of June, about 47 million people could lose their jobs. In New York, the HOSPITAL ship COMFORT would arrive with the mission of welcoming all non-positive people to the new coronavirus that needs health care to free up hospital beds. The ship can accommodate about 1000 beds.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarianprime minister, has received full powers from parliament. Under Hungarian law, he will be able to decide on everything, including whether to block elections and close parliament indefinitely. For the Socialists this would be the beginning of a dictatorship and for the nationalists of Jobbik’s party it would be a coup d’etat.

In the UK 22141 people would be infected with the new coronavirus and 1408 people would die. The epicentre would be particularly concentrated in London. Prince Charles, who tested positive for the virus in recent days, would have abandoned the quarantine in accordance with his nation’s regulations and after consulting his doctor. The 71-year-old heir to the throne is currently in his Scottish estate and is in excellent health, according to a CLARENCE HOUSE memo. Lord Sumption, a former Supreme Court judge, described the derbyshire police’s use of drones in county parks as “a disgrace.” To uniformed personnel with special powers at this time of emergency, the heads of law enforcement would have given indications that checks should be carried out consistently but without abuse, preferring in the first instance the weapon of “persuasion”.

The Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Commissioner for the management of the Greek crisis Nikos Chardalias, after consulting with Mayor Konstantinos Zergas and the governor of the region of the Central Hellenic Macedonia Apostolos Tzitzikostas, would have placed the blockade in the waterfront resort of Thessaloniki in Greece. The ban would come into effect today from 2pm to 8am Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday all day. It should last for no less than 14 days.

In Germany,virologist Christian Drosten said there would currently be a mortality rate in this nation due to the virus at around 0.8. According to the same virologist, the low mortality would be due to the fact that, in his opinion, Germany is the country with the most places in intensive care in proportion to the world, that the problem has been identified very early and that many tests have been carried out (about 500 thousand per week). President Lothar Wieler of the German Robert Koch Insitut, however, seems convinced that the death rate will rise. Officially in Germany there would be 61013 positive people and 583 deaths.

In the capital of Tibet’sAutonomous Region, Lhasa, 214 places of worship would be reopened on the outskirts. Members should still present an ID, electrocini health codes or a medical certificate before accessing places of prayer. The situation in the central area of the city would be different, where the monasteries should remain closed until further notice.

In Spain there would have been a new spike in deaths caused by the new coronavirus and infections. At present the total number of deaths would be 8189 out of 94197 infections.

In Belgium, a 12-year-old girl would have died from the new coronavirus, which would be the youngest victim recorded so far.

In Iran, a newborn baby would have presented breathing difficulties within the first 24 hours that would be caused by infection with new coronavirus. He is currently breathing on his own and is being treated at the Imam Reza hospital in Mashhad.

China would make available 14 charter cargo flights for the shipment of medical equipment with the aim of helping European countries contain the spread of the virus. The first would take off from Xianyang airport in Xi’an and be headed to Leipzig, Germany. It would carry more than two million medical gloves and almost 31,000 protective clothing.

On the African continent there would be 47 countries officially affected by the virus out of 54. 172 people were reported to have died among the 5255 cases officially reported.

El Pais reportedly wrote that the WHO said that by the middle of this week, cases of new coronavirus could exceed one million worldwide. The johns Hopkins University contagio’s map would show that the number of infections in the world would exceed 800,000 individuals. The total victims would be about 38,000 and the healed would be almost 137 thousand.

March 30, 2020

The New York Times reports that the deaths reported in upstate New York in less than a month have reached 1000, pointing out that most of the deaths have occurred in recent days. To update this tragic bulletin the world numbers are increasingly disturbing, the deaths from coronaviruses in the world to date would be about 34,000 out of a total of infected about 780,000. This is the latest bulletin from Johns Hopkins University. There are about 152,000 people healed so far. In Spain, Russia and Iran, as in many other countries, contagions are multiplying like wildfire. In this Easter period, which for Catholics is a busy period of celebrations, everything will be changed. This year the liturgies for the most important holiday for Christianity will be celebrated behind closed doors, without a Procession of Good Friday, no baptisms, no washing of the feet, as stipulated by the decree promulgated by the Congregation for Divine Worship.

In Europe the dramatic collapse of air traffic continues due to the unprecedented restrictions imposed by the various European states, yesterday they would have flown just 3352 aircraft, so 88 less than last year, this means that there were 24,000 fewer flights.

In Italy, ferries have been suspended for Sicily and Sardinia and the Tremiti Islands of the Tirrenia company. In Lombardy, there would appear to be a decrease in the number of cases, but above all on the pressure on emergency services and the actions of ambulances.

The Syriangovernment would have extended until April 16 measures to contain the new coronavirus. A curfew would be in place from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and travel from one city to another would also be prohibited. Officially at the time there are known 9 cases of positivity to the virus.

March 25, 2020

Sadly, what looks like a war bulletin has increased, the infected, the deceased, have increased, but luckily it seems that those who heal are increasing too. All over the world there would be more and more infected. Prince Charles of England would have tested positive for covid-19. In Italy, 6820 people have died and more than 69,000 have been infected. In Spain there would be an increase in infections and deaths exponentially, yesterday alone there would have been 738 deaths in 24 hours. Other nations are beginning to introduce more stringent quarantine measures. People are afraid of contagion, but also of the future. We don’t know what economic conditions we’re going to be in when we get out of it.

March 22, 2020

A month ago on 22 February there was the first Italian victim of the coronavirus, a 70-year-old from Monselice, hospitalized in Padua. Since then we have reached 4,825 with 42,681 infected. In addition to the Italian numbers, those in the rest of the world are also truly impressive: 303,000 people are infected, almost 13,000 victims and it would be estimated that about a billion people are confined at home in dozens of countries around the world to try to containing the virus and that is frightening the acceleration of contagion in the continent most at risk in Africa. Spain would be close to collapse, with the numbers of infected and deaths constantly growing. Coronavirus sufferers would increase more slowly for now than in Italy and Spain, including in the rest of Europe.

In Italy, meanwhile, The President of the Council Conte, last night announced to the Italians new measures to try to counter even more the proliferation of the epidemic. Closure for all companies not of productions essential to survival and even more stringent measures in terms of people’s movements.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, announced that 9 aid aircraft are departing for Italy, there will be about 120 specialists among epidemiologists and virologists, Kamaz trucks for disinfection, field hospitals, 100 lung ventilators and about 500 thousand masks. The first 5 planes are expected to depart today and the other 4 are expected to depart tomorrow.

Below is the video of Council President Giuseppe Conte last night 21 March 2020.

March 17, 2020

According to Corriere della Sera, the death toll in Italy has risen to 2503, with 345 new deaths. There are 31506 people infected with coronavirus. This is the last budget released by the Civil Protection on Tuesday 17 March. Also today, the leaders of the 27 european Union countries approved the European Commission’s proposal to introduce a temporary restriction on all non-essential travel to the EU for a period of 30 days. Some large factories such as Yamaha Motors and Toyota have closed their European branches until at least 31 March. The Shrine of Lourdes also closes its doors for a period of time. Last night Emmanuel Macron announced to the French a new set of measures that involve the same restrictions decided first by Italy and then by Spain. After the President’s speech many would have attempted to leave the capital French before the measures of the traffic blockade came into force, scheduled for noon today.

From the Official Journal of the Italian Republic – Decree Law 17 March 2020 No. 18, and which came into force on 17 March 2020, all measures to strengthen the National Health Service and economic support for families, workers and businesses, related to the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. For the full text, the official gazette of the Italian Republic should be referred to. In practice, for employees who are currently working and do not have an income of more than 40,000 gross per year, there would be a premium of EUR 100 for March 2020 to be compared to the number of working days worked at their workplace in the predicted month.

In addition, business operators should be granted a tax credit by 60% of the amount of rent in March 2020 to apply for a tax credit of 60% of the amount of the rent for March 2020.

March 13, 2020

After a few initial attempts it would seem that today the Italians have finally convinced themselves to stay at home
as much as possible. And with that it is hoped that the quarantine can be resolved as soon as possible. A lot of activities are
schools of every order and grade, even state offices and banks work at reduced hours. There is a silence
unnatural around, very few cars, in most law enforcement, very few people in the street.
But even in other nations after the WHO’s announcement of a pandemic, drastic steps are being taken to
counteract the virus. Schools of every order and grade are closed in Switzerland, Bavaria and Washington. In Austria the first red zones; following the Italian model the nation closes the shops leaving only the essential ones open. Spain declares a state of emergency. Meanwhile, more than 5000 coronavirus victims worldwide have more than 128,000 cases tested positive for the virus.

March 11, 2020

The President of the Italian Council made statements at a press conference in these hours to anticipate a further measure with more stringent restrictions that should be operational tomorrow. Rules would have been put in place for the closures of all activities except for basic necessities. Industries and factories will be able to continue their production activities provided that appropriate prevention measures are put in place. All necessary activities remain guaranteed and access to the proper functioning of the activities that remain open in accordance with the parent rule. “Limiting travel to the only reasons for need and health.” Premier Conte has stated that the first results cannot be intelligible in the coming days but only after a couple of weeks. “We must be lucid, measured, rigorous, responsible.” A Commissioner with high powers of exemption should soon be appointed in order to strengthen the production of appropriate equipment and to address the shortcomings found. The Commissioner should be Dr. Domenico Arcuri who can coordinate with Dr. Borrelli of Civil Protection. “The country needs the responsibility of each of us,” the Italian Prime Minister continues. The law should be available at this direct link or otherwise on the official gazette website.

9 March 2020

The President of the Italian Council adopts new rules due to an “important growth of infections, people in intensive care and sub-intensive care and also of deceased persons”. The new decree will be included in the official Italian gazette in the evening and will be enforceable from Tuesday 10 March 2020. The concept of zones within the country would be removed and therefore it could be moved for proven work, need and health reasons. The ban on assembly in open-air premises and public spaces will be added to the measure. Events and competitions such as the football championship will be discontinued including sports activities such as gyms. For travel, it will be necessary to provide a self-certification with absolutely truthful information. The self-certification form can be found on the website of the Italian Ministry of the Interior or here.

8 March 2020

In these hours the Italian Prime Minister held a press conference in which he announced the extraordinary new measures for health reasons present in the new decree signed a few hours ago. As stated in the press conference available below in this decree (the file is about 3 mega and therefore you have to wait a few moments for it to download), you can distinguish two areas. For the sake of convenience in exposing concepts and to avoid repetitions that can divert attention from the latter, we will first call the whole area Lombardy and then the provinces of Parma, Piacenza, Rimini, Reggio-Emilia, Modena, Pesaro and Urbino, Venice, Padua, Treviso, Alexandria, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Novara, Vercelli and Asti. The remaining portion of the Italian territory will be called the second area.

In all areas, conferences, conferences, meetings and meetings and social events involving health personnel would be suspended.

In the first area the restrictive measures are much stricter or “constraint to avoid any displacement, constraint for all individuals, inbound and outbound from the territory. Even within the territory. It will therefore only move for proven work needs and for health reasons. You are allowed to return to your home, home or residence for those who need it.” People with respiratory symptoms and/or fevers above 37.5 degrees Celsius should remain in their homes, limit social contact to the maximum and should contact their doctor. The Prime Minister also adds an outright ban on those subjected to the quarantine measure because they tested positive for the virus.

The decree would include, again in the first area, restrictive measures concerning commercial activities and aggregate events and in particular: events, sports competitions both in public and private places. Professional sporting events or absolute categories would be allowed behind closed doors or outdoors without the presence of the public. He suspended all events of a playful, cultural, sporting, religious and fairy nature organized and events in a public and private place. Suspended all events in cinemas, theatres, pubs, dance schools, arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls and nightclubs. Suspended teaching activities in schools and universities (remote teaching activities), civil and religious ceremonies (including funerals) are allowed. The openings of some suitable and organized places of worship would be allowed in such a way as to avoid assembling people. Museums and other cultural institutes are also closed.

Restaurant activities and bars would be allowed from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. as long as all the necessary measures are put in place by the operator to provide a distance between people of at least one meter (in case of violation the penalty provided would be the suspension of the activity).

As for the second area are suspended events, events, shows of any nature in every public and private place. Also suspended here were the activities of pubs, dance schools, playrooms, betting rooms, bingo halls, clubs and assimilated clubs, museums, institutes and cultural venues, events, sporting events (allowed outdoors without public or behind closed doors), travel of education, educational activities in schools and universities (allowed remote educational activities), study trips, twinnings, etc. The openings of bars and restaurants are allowed but with an obligation, even in this case, to enforce the minimum safe distance between individuals which is at least one meter (again, in case of violation, it would be provided for the suspension of activity). It also suspended sports competitions in public and private places (allowed behind closed doors or outside without the presence of the public).

It is important to point out that all measures in their totality and “officiality” are specified in the decree made available by the official media and this is only the reference to follow. The official publication will be published in the official gazette which in Italy discloses all official measures and laws and regularly enacted. In the past few hours, the “non-definitive” text of the “draft” of the decree to which changes have been made has been improperly circulated.

These measures are put in place with the aim of containing contagion and avoiding the overload of health facilities, some of which would already be in difficulty. The mandatory constraint of interregional solidarity has been put in place to redistribute people who need it in the various structures in the territory. The government would also sign a contract to prepare for the construction of intensive care and sub-intensive equipment. The Prime Minister stated that Italy already has 320 new equipment, which will soon be made available about 500 new equipment per month and that Italy is gearing up to increase the number of equipment and equipment individual production, otherwise also called IPR to ensure the health of citizens. An example of an individual production device are the famous “masks”. The government has also prepared itself for the necessary economic measures. The Prime Minister therefore urges the people to be confident that the emergency will be handled in the best possible way and that Italy will overcome this emergency status. The necessary checks will be carried out by the security forces in accordance with the provisions. There would in fact be no absolute ban on travel, which must be motivated for work or health reasons.

We believe it is important to stress that these measures are valid from 8 March to 3 April 2020 except for several or additive provisions.

March 6, 2020

According to the Ansa Agency, there are 91 countries and territories in the world affected by coronavirus, with a total of 98,387 confirmed cases and 3,383 deaths to date. That would be what emerges from the latest update of the picture provided by Johns Hopkins University, on the evolution of the virus. Meanwhile today there would have been the first death in the Netherlands. In Italy all schools of every order and grade are closed and even in France a hundred schools would be closed, in the department of the Upper Rhine.

In New York, 33 people are infected and at least 4,000 people in the entire state are in precautionary quarantine.

During the course of the Extraordinary Council of 27 Health Ministers, which was urgently convened in Brussels to manage and address the Coronavirus with ‘solidarity’, ‘coordination’ and ‘collaboration’, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands and other Member States criticised the Franco-German nationalist line. France and Germany have blocked the export of precautionary sanitary materials to other European countries in order to boost their stocks at national level.

From China, Xiaomi reportedly sent a number of masks to Italian civil protection in order to help her manage the emergency.

March 5, 2020

The President of the Italian Republic issued a statement to the citizens anticipating the adoption of extraordinary measures for the introduction of new health personnel and to ensure the availability of the appropriate health facilities and tools. It reiterated the need to follow the instructions of the experts on the official website of the Italian Ministry of Health to help overcome the emergency, without recklessness but also without alarmism.

March 3, 2020

To date, the number of deaths from the new coronavirus would have exceeded 3,117 worldwide. More than ninety thousand would be infected. According to the Ansa agency the Tokyo Olympics could be moved at the end of the year due to coronavirus. In many countries around the world, those arriving from the countries most exposed to the infection will have to comply with a 14-day quarantine period.

According to Ansa, the G7 prepares measures – “Given the potential impact of coronavirus on global growth, we reaffirm our commitment to use all the most appropriate policy tools to safeguard growth from downside risks.” The G7 of finance ministers would write this in the final communiqué. Ministers would be ready to take measures, including budget where appropriate, to help the response to the virus and support the economy at this stage.

In China, meanwhile, the alert for Wuhan’s outbreak would be lowered. The country reported a further 125 new cases, the lowest level in six weeks.

Several nations would identify the first case of coronavirus, are Latvia, Indonesia, Morocco, Gibraltar, and India.

March 1, 2020

According to the Ansa Agency, there would be the first casualty in the United States, and there are now almost 3,000 confirmed deaths from this virus. The death would have occurred in Whashington state and State Governor Yay Inslee immediately declared a state of emergency. So far, only the mayor of San Francisco has declared a state of emergency. The first cases of coronavirus were also diagnosed in Ireland and Luxembourg. Meanwhile, Turkey has decided to suspend all air links to Italy from midnight tonight indefinitely.

In Iran, coronavirus psychosis would grow, according to the Ansa agency, a group of people would set fire to a clinic in the town of Bandar Abbas, in the southern province of Hormuzgan, because it believed that patients with Covid-19 from Qom, the epicenter of the virus in Iran, had been quarantined in that facility.

February 28, 2020

The official figures for the dead and infected would increase both in Italy and around the world, but would also increase the healing of this virus. In this link the updated map of the infections around the world to date:

In the meantime, after the alarms that have taken place in the previous days, it now seems that public opinion is turning to a cautious recovery, obviously aimed at maximum attention, but it seems that the panic that seemed to have been unleashed between the Population. It would seem that the media attention is also shifting to other news and issues that in recent times had been shelved. And it’s like seeing a return to normality in the distance.

February 26, 2020

In Italy, the President of the Puglia Region Emiliano reported the first case of coronavirus in Puglia. This is a person living in the province of Taranto, but he had returned from Codogno in Lombardy.

Around 1000 people would be stranded in a hotel in Tenerife because an Italian doctor on holiday tested positive for coronavirus in the microbiology laboratory of the Nuestra Senora de Candelaria University Hospital, according to sources Europa Press.

A mother positive to coronavirus would have given birth in Piacenza without problems and the baby would have tested negative on Covid-19. This was announced by the Councilor of Health of Emilia Romagna Sergio Venturi. The woman would arrive from Lombardy with the child’s father. All 3 are fine.

Problems for those who travel and come from Lombardy. Several nations would have limited the lit on their territory to Italians from the regions where there were infections. Romania would have prepared the mandatory quarantine for those arriving from the Lombardo-Veneta area. France would recommend self-isolation to those returning home from Lombardy and Veneto. It would seem that Austria is blocking trains from Italy on the Brenner Pass for hours and Britain is seeking quarantine from anyone arriving from northern Italy. And many nations would advise against travel to Italy.

February 25, 2020

The contagion from coronavirus is spreading in Italy, according to the Ansa agency there would be new cases in Tuscany and Sicily. There would be 11 victims in Italy and 322 confirmed infected. Meanwhile, worldwide, the number of infected people is expected to exceed 80,000 (almost 78,000 in China alone).

In Italy, meanwhile, serious measures have been put in place by the government to stem the coronavirus. At a press conference of the Civil Protection , the Director of the Infectious Diseases Department of the Higher Institute of Health, Giovanni Rezza, said that in Italy there is an elderly population and thus explain the mortality rates of 2-3 , the elderly are the most fragile, we see it with influence. From the latter we can protect them with the vaccine, since there is no vaccine for coronavirus there is mortality.

February 24, 2020

To date there are seven Italian victims of coronavirus, six in Lombardy and one in Veneto. Northern Italy would be quarantined, but it would appear that there was no supply problem for supermarkets and shopping centres, which even today have been stormed by the population.

In his daily briefing, WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said: “We are deeply concerned about the sudden increase in cases in Italy, Iran and South Korea. We need to focus on containment and at the same time do everything we can to prepare for a potential pandemic. At the same time, WHO researchers concluded that the spread of coronavirus in China peaked between 23 January and 2 February. Since then it has started to decline substantially and no significant changes in coronavirus DNA have been found. Also for the WHO the cases outside China would be 2074 with 23 deaths.

February 23, 2020

Meanwhile, in both Lombardy and Veneto, schools of every order and grade should be closed for a week. Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Trentino should also be added to these two regions. The famous Venice carnival should also have been cancelled. Universities in some regions are also expected to remain closed until at least March 1 and are those of Genoa and the universities of Friuli Venezia Giulia. There was subsequently a communiqué informing that in these two regions all schools of all grades and grades should also be closed and in Genoa also museums.
At the moment in Italy there are 152 infected and 3 victims. A dermatologist at the Polyclinic of Milan would have tested positive for coronavirus and would be admitted to the Sacco hospital.
It should be the first contagion of the city of Milan, to which would have been added that of an employee of unicredit square GAE AULENTI.
Meanwhile in Milan there was the assault on supermarkets, people who also run with 2 or 3 carts and the mask. Many shelves are already empty.

According to Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus has so far claimed 2,360 lives worldwide. The total confirmed cases of contagion rose to 77,662, while the number of patients cured so far would be 21,029.

February 22, 2020

Today there would be the first Italian victim of the coronavirus, it would be a 77-year-old from Monselice hospitalized in Padua.
In the meantime, two new cases would be recorded in Veneto today and a plan for the sanitary cord would be developed: all Venetian citizens with major flu symptoms will be subjected to swab. Meanwhile, the municipality of Vo’ Euganeo, where the first victim came from, would be quarantined. All public events, including religious ones, would have been suspended, excluding commercial services and essential services. There would also be a suspension of work activities for workers residing in the municipality, school activity of all orders and grades, the suspension of recreational activities, and therefore also carnival festivals and sporting events and public transport stops. In the morning, a woman died in Codogno, in the praise. To date, 79 people are expected to be infected in Italy, including the two victims and one who has been cured. The remaining 76 are divided into five regions: Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Piedmont.

February 16, 2020

The number of coronavirus infected in China would be growing, in this nation alone there would be about 1600 deaths and almost 70,000 people infected. A further 70 positive cases were confirmed on the Diamond Princess ship still anchored at Yokohama Harbour. The Italian boy who returned to Italy with special air containment transport, would have tested negative for the virus. Emergency measures taken by China to limit contagion would be increasingly stringent. Very strict laws would have been put in place by the Chinese central bank that would quarantine some banknotes.

February 15, 2020

In France the first patient dies, it is an 80-year-old Chinese tourist, under observation in the same hospital his daughter. The first confirmed case of virus positivity was established in Africa by the Egyptian Ministry of Health. The man would be in solitary confinement with all the people with whom he came into contact. The fact that Africa would not have the tools to deal with a possible epidemic would cause concern. On the Diamond Princess cruise ship, anchored at the port of Yokohama, 285 cases of virus positivity would be confirmed. All non-U.S. passengers would be confined to the cabin. The United States would declare charter flights to repatriate compatriots who pass the coronavirus controls. The Chinese authorities would not be concerned about the economic repercussions that the situation could cause even though tons of Chinese goods are stuck in ports. It is estimated that about a third of the merchandise flows will be cancelled. Apparently the virus would be much more contagious than initially thought. The DIRECTOR-General of the WHO would declare that the coronavirus would be: “More deadly and harmful than terrorism.”

February 14, 2020

Some news outlets would argue that tensions between the United States of America and China are increasing politically. The China National Biotec Group would argue that antibodies within the blood plasma of people cured of the virus could help treat the infection. For this reason, the latter would spur people cured of this virus to donate plasma. Experiments would be carried out on some subjects that would have improved within 24 hours.

February 12, 2020

A study at states that there would be no intrauterine infection and no transmission of the disease to the fetus in nine women with coronavirus sars-cov-2 in the latter part of pregnancy. In fact this would be not unusual behavior as there are natural barriers that would often protect the fetus from certain types of infection.

February 8, 2020

35 cases of coronavirus in Europe were confirmed, or 14 in Germany, 11 in France, 3 in Italy and 3 in the UK. Belgium, Finland, Spain and Sweden are stuck at one case.

Friday, January 31, 2020

As the number of people infected would increase at a fairly worrying rate, many people are starting to feel the news and therefore take xenophobic attitudes towards the Chinese. At the moment we have no reports of incidents of physical violence due to mass hysteria caused by the spread of the virus. On communication platforms and group chats they start shooting videos of all kinds and they begin to collect the first testimonies of foreigners residing or returning from China. Some say that the control protocols put in place at airports would not be sufficient to contain the virus.

Friday, January 29, 2020

Work on the construction of Wuhan’s second emergency hospital would begin today, housing about 1600 beds, about 300 more than the initial project and 2,000 doctors. The construction company is the construction third engineering bureau co. ltd. The Chinese women’s national football team would be quarantined in Australia, the Australian authorities would have ordered that the players should remain closed in the hotel until February 5 as a precaution because in the past they would have gone to the city of Wuhan. They would continue to increase contagion cases in Beijing and Shanghai, bulletin updates take place about every 12 hours. Major companies such as Facebook and Razer would choose to drastically limit the travel of their employees in China. The two races for the China Ski World Cup scheduled for 15 and 16 February would be cancelled. It is not yet known when these races will be recovered. In South Korea there would be a significant increase in purchases of masks. Chinese cultural authorities have reportedly made available some online exhibitions for people trapped at home for the outbreak of the new coronavirus. The flight for the repatriation of Italian citizens to Wuhan is also scheduled for tomorrow. The flight will be operated by the Joint Summit Operations Command. China’s finance ministry has earmarked the equivalent of about 640 million dollars to support the battle against the new coronavirus. However, the Ministry of Finance has allocated other sources in the past days (up to one billion yuan) for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus in Hubei province. It would be established by the University of Padua in Italy, a mobile number intended for the use of the entire academic community returning from travel to the areas affected by the coronavirus. It would have been confirmed a collapse there about 62 of China’s rail journeys. The World Health Organization announced its intention to send experts to China. A Chinese lung disease specialist: Huang Chaolin, deputy director of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, said in an interview that the virus may have been transmitted to humans for the first time in several places. According to this study published in the Lancet journal, the first patient admitted to Huang Hospital on December 1, 2019, had not been directly exposed to the Wuhan fish market, which has always been considered the source of the outbreak. Tibet would have found the first suspicious case of the new coronavirus. The organizers of the various events, would be divided between the decision to postpone or cancel them and the decision to continue with the planning. The Chinese authorities are spending their time in informing the population of the nearly 700,000 rural villages (40 in 2018), which are trying to control the epidemic using traditional ancient methods. Africa would also mobilize in collaboration with China to fight the epidemic and provide weekly reports, according to nkengasong of the CDC. Starbuchs would close half of its stores in China. There are currently four cases in the European Union in France, four in Germany and one confirmed case in Finland today according to European Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. The Commission said it was confident that the right measures had been taken to prevent contagion.

Friday, January 28, 2020

Today, the first case of new coronavirus infection in Germany, in the southeastern state of Bavaria, was confirmed. Three more new cases would then be registered in Germany. The virus has so far caused about 106 deaths, including 100 in Hubei province. The Japanese government reported a new case of contagion, it would be a tour guide of about 60 years of the towns of Nara. In Japan, the number of cases of infected humans would be 6. In China, the Shanghai East Hospotal of Tongji University would have approved an emergency project for the development of an mRNA vaccine as the development cycle would in theory be faster than other types. Secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari gave an interview in which he stated that the return of French citizens to the city of Wuhan would be repatriated the day after tomorrow. The director of the World Health Organization calls for calm. Chinese President Xi Jinping would call the virus a demon against which a very serious struggle would be waged. The General Administration of Customs would aim to ensure the supply of materials to counter the virus with measures appropriate to the clearance facilitated. Jiai Yahui, an official on the National Health Committee, said a hotline will be set up for psychological counseling for stressed health care providers. The Hong Kong government has decided to block high-speed trains and ferries with China from 30 January. Zhang Boli, one of 14 members of the national research team for the prevention and control of the epidemic, said that traditional Chinese medicine combined with Western medicine would be useful in treating the disease and alleviating its symptoms. Chinese immigration authorities have advised citizens of the Chinese nation to postpone travel abroad. Tsinghua University announced that it would grant free access to all resources and expertise of the university for the development of new drugs to all researchers engaged in the development of specific treatments for the new coronavirus. The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute will provide their high-performance screening platforms and all archives. The Chinese authorities confirmed that the virus is transmitted both by air and also by contact. About 6,000 health workers would be sent to The Province of Hubei. In the last few days, the number of patients with fever who would go to hospitals in the city of Wuhan would be about 15 thousand, in past years such facilities welcomed an average daily of 3,000 people. Chinese pneumologist Zhong Nanshan said in an interview that while it is very difficult to definitively estimate when an epidemic can reach its peak, he would be convinced that the contagion will reach its peak within a week or ten days. The Chinese government would extend the seven-day school holiday to February 2 due to the spring festival ending on January 30. The Government of Tibet yesterday also activated the blockade to and from its tourist attractions. In Cambodia, some students wear masks during classes against the new coronavirus infection. The foundation of Bill and Melinda Gates, would have decided to donate 10 million dollars to the fight against the coronavirus. This money will have to be spent to help frontline rescuers in China and Africa contain the spread of the new virus.

Friday, January 27, 2020

Stock markets around the world would be affected by the contagion. The media are concerned about the economic repercussions this virus could cause. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang would today carry out inspections aimed at better coordinating the prevention and control efforts of the virus. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Adebahr told a news conference in Berlin that Germany would consider evacuating German citizens from Wuhan province. It also stated that the German Government would be ready to recognise, isolate and treat any cases of infection. In Perugia, Italy, the China-Italy children’s arts festival was postponed due to the inability to transport students and teachers from schools in Beijing and Chingqing to Italy. German infectious designer Rolf Hilgenfeld of the University of Lubecca, in an interview with the China Media Group, said that after a certain amount of time, when the infection has affected a certain number of people, they will have produced the necessary antibodies and at that point the epidemic can be circumscribed. China’s National Health Commission would send an additional 959 doctors and paramedics to Wuhan. These would be teams of specialists from the provinces of Henan, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi and the cities of Tianjin and Chongqing. Authorities also said that more experts would be sent. In addition, Minister Ma Xiaowei stated that 12 teams with a total of more than 1600 health workers would already be sent to the areas most affected by the virus such as Wuhan. It would be observed that some patients suffering from this type of pneumonia, would have mild symptoms and would not manifest fever. This fact would make it very difficult to identify cases and prevent transmission. The Department for Entry and Exitin in Hubei Province would suspend requests for ordinary passports and permits to and from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Despite this, special transport channels would still be available for those who will have to leave China for urgent reasons. Today, 1432 confirmed cases in Hubei were confirmed, 76 dead and 221 cases in serious condition. China’s National Health Commission said 769 new cases of contagion have been confirmed in the last 24 hours, with 81 deaths and 2835 cases of contagion across China. Authorities in Ivory Coast were mobilising to carry out checks due to a suspicious case of China’s new coronavirus. China continues to step up measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention decided to spread an image depicting the shape of the new coronavirus. Out of 585 samples, 35 would be positive for this type of virus, 33 of which would come from the western part of the fish market where wild animals would normally be sold. The President of the United States of America stated that he had been in constant contact with President Xi and that he had offered him any help that might be necessary. The World Health Organization said the global risk from the new coronavirus would be high and that classifying the problem as moderate would be a mistake. In the city of Beijing there would be today the first dead, 8 new cases of contagion for a total of 80. Hong Kong experts also said that between late April and early May there could be a spike in infections that would approach the figure of 150,000 new cases per day. A team of experts would have called for more restrictive measures to be taken as there would already be 44,000 infected. According to the same team, the possibility that the epidemic could affect humanity globally, according to the team. The Authorities in Wuhan would have ordered the construction of two new hospitals, one in Huoshendshan (capacity between 700 and 1000 beds) and another in Leishenshan (capacity from 1300 to 1500 beds). Of course, efforts would also be made to protect workers from possible contagion. European stock markets appear to be heavily affected by the current epidemiological situation. In Beijing, experts from china’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention would successfully isolate coronavirus (2019-nCoV) and confirm that the virus would come from the Huanan fish market in Wuhan. The multinational Company, Alibaba, would have made available from today a free service for online medical consultation. In other countries, task forces are set up to manage and prevent the epidemic. The National Medical Products Administration approved four new products for coronavirus testing yesterday. There is growing concern in countries outside China and mask stocks are also shrinking in Europe, even though the masks are still in continuous production. The UK would also begin to consider preparing repatriations for its citizens.

January 26, 2020

A suspicious case was allegedly found in the city of Vienna. The patient would be a Chinese flight attendant. The medical director of the Viennese hospitals Michael Binder would have communicated that it cannot be ruled out the possibility that it is a contagion from a new Chinese virus crown. The World Health Organization said vietnam would be the first case of contagion. This would be a family member of a person previously visiting the city of Wuhan. The Diocese of Hong Kong would have put in place procedures to limit contagion as masks, a more painstaking cleaning and avoid as much physical contact as possible, especially during the Eucharist. The Pope, during the Angelus, would make a prayer for the people affected by the disease and for the deceased. Chinese Health Minister Ma Xiaowei said the virus’ spread capacity would increase, the incubation period would be in the 1- to 14-day range. Furthermore, he admitted that the authorities’ knowledge of this virus would be limited and that therefore there is no clear idea of the risks of a possible mutation. The authorities also announced that a press conference would be made every morning. Cases of mass hysteria are increasing, with many citizens taking action against the Chinese community. Shanghai, like Beijing, Tianjin and Xi’an, has announced that all long-distance transport services in and out of the city will be suspended. The mayor of the city of Wihan reportedly told state TV CCTV that he expects at least a thousand more infections. In Milan, the Chinese New Year parade is cancelled. From today, the use of the mask would be mandatory in Guangdong provinces, Jiangxi provinces, Nanjing, Ma’anshan, Anhiu and Xinyang provinces. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced that the Japanese government will evacuate all Japanese citizens planning to leave the city of Wuhan. The evacuation should take place by air and the Chinese authorities have already applied for authorisation. Today the death toll would be 56 in China, the number of people infected would be about 2000. Disneyland in Hong Kong would also be closed.

January 25, 2020

In China, the death toll would rise to 54. The first case of Chinese coronavirus infection would be found in Australia. The Chinese authorities announced the construction of a second ad hoc hospital that could handle about 1300 beds. The property should be ready in 10 days. Hong Kong, would declare an emergency status for China’s new coronavirus. Four of the five cases in Hong Kong would have departed China on a recent high-speed train. Schools and universities would also be closed due to the Lunar New Year, which is expected to reopen on 17 February. In the city of Wuhan, two doctors Liang Wudong, 62, and Jiang Jijun, 51, died. The first following the infection with the disease and the second following a heart attack, presumably due, according to the assumptions of one of his colleagues, to the excessive workload. Authorities in Australia have confirmed four cases. China’s leader said the outbreak would accelerate, with about 1,400 cases of people infected. The United States would put in place an operation to repatriate its citizens and diplomatic figures residing in the city of Wuhan. The authorities in Beijing would have banned the holding of any organized tours. A suspicious case would have been found in Canada.

January 24, 2020

The Chinese authorities have put in place a blockade on public transport in 13 cities, the last today. Access to parts of the Great Wall of China would also be restricted. It is estimated that some 32 million individuals would be involved in these blockades in the country. In the province of Hubei the total stop to rail traffic, public transport, tourist buses, ferries and boats. Disneyland in Shanghai would be closed temporarily from January 25. Huawei also decided to postpone its conference in Shenzhen until the end of March. A site containing information disseminated by the Chinese research centre has been made available. This information is the result of a collaboration between the centre and the microbioome institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The same centre should create a global database of resources and genomic research on this strain of the coronavirus. The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology also prepared eight emergency research projects. There are about 830 confirmed cases and 25 deaths in China, the forbidden city of Beijing is also closed. The city of Wuhan is expected to build an ad hoc hospital for infected patients in record time, the facility is expected to be about 25,000 square meters with 1000 beds and is expected to be operational on February 3. There would be about 61 facilities where patients are being treated in the area. The transport departments involved in the blockade said that all tickets purchased for any means of transport would be refunded. The measure would come into force today as part of plans to control the outbreak. In France, Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said on television that three cases of China’s new coronavirus would be confirmed.

January 23, 2020

It has already been several days since this coronavirus has been spoken of by China and precisely in Hubei province in the city of Wuhan, where the first victims are already counted. For now, the Chinese government is saying that the victims of coronavirus would be 25, while the infected would be 616, but these data according to some should be taken with the benefit of inventory because the Chinese government has always been very closed with the rest of the world in health, and according to some sources the coronavirus was already more widespread than the Chinese would admit. In fact, one can also think of an underestimation by Beijing, which in 2002 did not immediately reveal the Sars epidemic that killed almost 800 people. However, cases are multiplying and also coming out of China’s borders. There are reports of cases in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. In the meantime, very targeted precautionary measures are being put in place at airports to prevent some suspicious cases from landing in the rest of the world. And this morning the last people to leave Wuhan, as air traffic and even trains and buses were blocked, landed at Leonardo da Vinci airport in Fiumicino in Rome. 202 passengers disembarked at 4.50 this morning, including 2 Italians who were in the Chinese province for work. All were checked both on board and just got off, monitoring body temperature and controlling other symptoms. Both passengers and crew were equipped with masks that they wore until they landed on the ground. A Red Cross unit with medical personnel and an infectious risk biocontainment chamber monitored the health of each passenger and crew, also having a card filled out indicating destination and route, in case the disease occurred developed after the incubation phase. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reported that the risk to Europe of imports of coronavirus cases has risen from low to moderate level. The Ministry of Health meanwhile says that there is no alarm in Italy and that the situation is constantly monitored. It is important that you do not create psychosis with unnecessary runs in the emergency room for normal flu symptoms. GPs have already been alerted and will have all the information they need so that the population can be quiet, especially considering that the seasonal flu is also reaching its peak here. The authorities reported that sanitary waste would be properly managed. A project would be in place to speed up the production of medicines. Chancellor Merkel reportedly stressed in a phone call with China’s leader her appreciation for acting transparently. Macron reiterated that no discriminatory measures would be taken against any specific nation or company. The Chinese authorities confirmed today that some cases of coronavirus pneumonia have been found in individuals who have not recently travelled to Wuhan or the city’s fish market. Meanwhile, Beijing would officially cancel all events planned for Chinese New Year.

January 22, 2020

Chinese National Health Commission Deputy Minister Li Bin said at a press conference that confirmed cases across the country would exceed 400 and the death toll would rise from six to nine. According to the latter, the new virus is from the same family as sars, could mutate and could spread more easily. U.S. President Donald Trump said the virus would be handled very professionally by the Disaster Control Center. China would install a total of 15 thermal detectors at Wuhan airport and another 20 thermal detectors in large stations in the city. It would have been stated by Deputy Director Li that public meetings would be limited and measures to crack down on the wildlife trade would be tightened. Unnecessary travel to and from Wuhan would be discontinued. Gao Fu, the head of China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said there is no evidence to support the presence of a highly contagious virus carrier. In addition, according to the latter, the spread of the virus was from wild animals sold on the Wuhan fish market. Meanwhile, 440 cases were confirmed in China and the government adopted a temporary reimbursement policy to ensure that the infected were treated with adequate health treatment. In addition, the same government would set up 800 beds in three different hospitals. A further 1200 beds should be ready as soon as possible. Peng Houpeng, the deputy director of the municipal health board, said five new intensive care units would be available in five local hospitals. In each of these, 30 health workers would be assigned to 24-hour service. The World Health Organization would spend the last two days in Wuhan and announced that it would strengthen cooperation with China to provide the necessary technical support. Global stock markets may have been affected by the global epidemic situation. In Italy, the Ministry of Health would send provisions and guidelines to family doctors. The director of the Italian Spallanzani says that there is only one way to recognize the infection or virological investigations.

January 21, 2020

The stock exchanges would begin to be affected by the current situation. In the city of Wuhan, controls on travellers are beginning to tighten, group departures are prohibited. The death toll from the new coronavirus rises to 4 in Wuhan. There would be 291 confirmed cases of coronavirus pneumonia.

Friday, January 19, 2020

The Chinese government reported that 17 new cases were found today, including three in serious condition. There are 62 confirmed in the city of Wuhan, eight of whom are in serious condition, 19 are still in solitary confinement. People so far die from the virus are 2.

18th January 2020

Scientists at Imperial College London say there are more cases than the 50 identified and declared so far. This statement would be based on calculations made by these scientists. According to Neil Ferguson, one of the authors of the published study, it suggests a possibility of transmission from man to man that until now, have not been confirmed by the World Health Organization and the Chinese authorities. At the moment, one case in Thailand and one in Japan would also be confirmed. The number of nations that step up health checks is increasing.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Thai health officials said a 74-year-old woman was hospitalized after presenting with symptoms of the virus on January 13. The woman was diagnosed with pneumonia due to the new coronavirus. It is estimated that about 1300 passengers should arrive every day in Thailand only from the city of Wuhan.

16 thof 16th January 2020

A Japanese government official confirmed that the first case of the new coronavirus would be found on Japanese territory. It is believed that the infected person was returning from the city of Wuhan.

Friday, January 15, 2020

According to the World Health Organization, there is no firm evidence of transmissibility among humans of the new coronavirus.

January 11, 2020

One of the coronavirus patients dies in Wuhan, 7 are in critical condition, 2 have been discharged and the rest are in stable condition. Wang Guangfa, a member of the national team of experts who are investigating the cases, said the epidemic situation would be controllable and added that the percentage of serious cases would not be dissimilar to other cases of pneumonia. China, meanwhile, shares the genomic sequence of the virus with other nations and the WHO for a global form of protection.

January 9, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the Chinese authorities had identified a new strain of coronavirus and that this would never have been observed before in humans. The Chinese authorities also stated that there were cases compatible with Coronavirus symptoms as early as December 31, 2019.

Such cases would be confined to the city of Wuhan located in the central area of China. There is no cure and confusing and inaccurate news is read on the various news sites. The media are beginning to divide between those who say it is a serious infection and those who believe it is a common cold. Many conspiracy blogs begin to lay out their theories about it.

Friday, January 5, 2020

In the evening, the Chinese authorities announced that 59 cases of a particular form of pneumonia had been reported in the city of Wuhan. Investigations are under way to determine whether this is a SARS or MERS-related event.

It is important to specify that this article was not written by professionals in the field. It’s a collection of information that we’ve found so that it can be more convenient for all readers to get as general an idea as possible. We do not have doctors or professionals who can answer your questions and therefore we very strongly invite you to ask professionals in the field that are currently definitely the most reliable source of information. For this reason, please consider the content of this article at conditional. Keep in mind that at present, hysterical behaviour and conspiracy, whether mass or individual, can only make the situation worse.

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