Cat Ashera

The Ashera Cat was created quite recently and is the most expensive cat in the world!Β  It is a breed that was created in a laboratory and that is why its creation has always been at the center of ethical controversies and more. In fact, the effects that this experimentation may have on animal health is still not very clear.Β  Lifestyle Pets, an American company, created this hybrid in 2006 with a team of geneticists and every year gives birth to no more than 100 specimens of this breed. This explains why the price of this feline is very high, ranging from 20,000 euros, but some specimens have come to cost much more. Many requests for this feline are because it has hypoallergenic fur, but the U.S. company, has made this a profitable company because it designs animals on order. In fact, the animals created in its laboratories have characteristics selected to meet the tastes and needs of the end buyers.

This particular breed has been obtained by crossing an African Serval with an Asian leopard cat and continuing the selection with some domestic cats. All this has resulted in a wild looking cat with a docile and tame character like any domestic cat. It is large in size, in fact it can weigh up to 15 kilograms and is over one meter long.

Lifestyle Pets has 4 types of Ashera cats: Standard Ashera, Hypoallergenic Ashera, Smow and Royal. The latter really very rare can cost up to 100,000 euros.

Character of the Ashera Cat

The Ashera Cat has to all intents and purposes the character of a domestic kitten, calm, not aggressive, playful and always looking for cuddles. In spite of its size and its wild appearance, it loves to be in the company of its family members even when they are engaged in sedentary activities. In fact, he loves to laze around and sleep on the couch or on the bed, his nature is quite lazy, so he must be stimulated to move otherwise he becomes very sedentary.Β  It is much more docile and tame than the Savannah to which it resembles a lot for dimensions, but with which it has in common only some physical characteristics. It is obedient to the point that it can be taken out on a leash, it gets along well with children, obviously not very small, given its size, but with other pets, again because of its size, it could put them in awe.

It needs movement and to be stimulated to do so, a safe garden would be ideal for running and climbing. He loves to be the center of attention, so even with extremes he tends to be friendly.

Appearance of the Ashera Cat

The Ashera Cat is an elegant cat, with well-proportioned limbs, elongated body, slender and light. The head is triangular in shape with a pointed muzzle and is relatively small compared to the body. The ears are rather large, have a wide base and end with a pronounced tip. The eyes are small and close together and are generally green or honey colored. The tail is thick and proportionate.

There are 4 types of Ashera cats, each with a particular characteristic. Note that these cats are sterile, so for those who want a specimen of this breed, they should only turn to Lifestyle Pets, which as mentioned above has created these cats in the laboratory.

The basic or common breed of Ashera Cats has a cream colored coat with brown spots, typical of this breed. A hypoallergenic cat was also created so it has a hypoallergenic coat, while the coat colors are the usual of the basic cat.Β  Then there is a white Ashera Cat that is really wonderful, it has a white body coat with intense amber colored spots.Β  And finally the Royal Ashera Cat, which is the rarest of them all. Its coat is cream colored with black and orange spots or stripes. It is this last type that can cost as much as 100,000 euros.

Care and health of the Ashera Cat

As far as health is concerned, the Lifestyle Pets laboratories have done a good job as these cats do not have pathologies related to the genetics of this breed. Their life expectancy is very long, reaching up to 25 years and are very robust. However, there is a tendency to a sedentary life that can lead to overweight and laziness if not properly stimulated to move and perform physical activity. As for the care of the coat, a brush once a week is enough and it does not need anything else.

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