Create an unofficial GTA 5 server with FIVEM

To create an unofficial gta 5 server with FIVEM you need to generate a token that will allow you to host a maximum of 32 players and to increase this number up to 128 you need to make a “donation” to the creators of FIVEM. A server can always make money through “donations”. Each owner of these servers manages it in a completely autonomous way using sometimes collaborators. Both parties many times can give the players reason to complain, so in the long run those who have the chance get tired of it and create it on their own.

Creating an unofficial GTA 5 server with FIVEM is a relatively simple thing, the most complicated and boring thing will be the configuration, the installation of mods and scripts. Since I can’t know what kind of operating system you use and since the server is available for both windows and linux, I decided to insert both procedures.

Installation on Windows server

To install the GTA 5 server on windows you need certain programs already installed:

A program to decompress an archive such as winzip, winrar or 7zip (but also the windows explorer itself);

Visual C ++ redistributable 2019 or higher;

A text editor (the windows notepad is fine too);

Git for Windows (I prefer to use the 32 bit version);

At this point it is of fundamental importance to understand the following conventions by way of example:

We’ll use D:\ which hard disk to put the server files on, if you decide to choose another one you’ll have to replace it with the letter that identifies the hard disk in which you want to create the server;

The FXServer folder will be the one we will use in the example but you can call it whatever you want;

The server folder will be a sub-folder of FXServer;

The server-data folder will be a sub-folder of FXServer;

The en-US string identifies the fact that the server is in United States English, it can be changed if the server is in other languages, for example fr-FR

Download the latest version of the artifact from this link;

Then open the windows command prompt and write in order:

mkdir D:\FXServer

mkdir D:\FXServer\server

mkdir D:\FXServer-data

Unzip the downloaded file, its contents must be moved within the folder D:\FXServer\server

In the windows command prompt write:

cd D:FXServer-data

git clone

In the folder server-data create a file called server.cfg inside the file put these strings:

endpoint_add_tcp “”
endpoint_add_udp “”
ensure mapmanager
ensure chat
ensure spawnmanager
ensure sessionmanager
ensure fivem
ensure hardcap
ensure rconlog
ensure scoreboard
sv_scriptHookAllowed 0
sets “default” tags
en-US” local sets
sv_hostname “FXServer, but unconfigured”
set temp_convar “hey world!”
#sv_master1 “”
add_ace group.admin command allow
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny
add_principal identifier.fivem:1 group.admin
sv_endpointprivacy true
onesync_enabled true
sv_maxclients 32
set steam_webApiKey “”
sv_licenseKey changeme

The endpoint_add_tcp and endpoint_add_udp string arguments should only be changed if there are ambiguities about the ip address.

From the site of the fivem we have to create a key that we will have to insert in the configuration file immediately next to the string sv_licenseKey.

Installation on Linux server

To install the GTA 5 server on Linux we can go directly to the realization because, all the dependencies that we had to download on windows, are present in the packages that we will install.

We create a user that we will call for convenience username

We create a new folder with the command mkdir /home/username/FXServer/server . This folder will contain the binary files of the server.

We download the latest version of the server from this site and copy the file into the folder we created before.

After entering this folder, we can decompress the artifact server with the command tar xf fx.tar.xz.

At this point we have to clone in a new folder that we will call /home/username/FXServer/server-data the content of cfx-server-data thanks to the command git clone /home/username/FXServer/server-data

The rest of the procedure is identical to the windows server, you have to create the configuration server, generate the key from the fivem site and insert it into the configuration file.

To start the server under windows, type the command bash /home/username/FXServer/server/ +exec server.cfg.

I want to hope that my guide has been helpful to anyone who wants to create a private GTA 5 server with FIVEM to play with their friends. If there is any doubt, feel free to comment at the bottom of the article and I recommend sharing this article with your friends!

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