How to play in an unofficial GTA V server with mods using FIVEM

GTA V is an acronym GRAND THIEF AUTO Vcode>for . The fifth edition of ROCKSTAR NORTHcode> a video game developed by and belonging to the category of dynamic adventure games. It is available for several platforms including play station, xbox and PC. You can play in both single player and multiplayer mode. In the single-player mode, a pre-packaged story is available in the resort of Sant’Andreas in California where, following a scenario of pure fantasy, the player can carry on an adventure playing the three main protagonists. In multi-player mode you can play by interacting with other people in order to carry out different cooperative missions and much more.

In multiplayer, there is a need to access a server that can be a player’s machine or even a machine dedicated to the purpose. There are both unofficial servers, that is, not made available by the game manufacturer and official servers.

Just like all games, in the long run, classic mechanics can tire and official, semi-official and unofficial expansion packages have been born to enrich the player’s experience. These are additions that can work in both single player mode with certain tricks and multiple player mode if the unofficial server FIVEMcode>you are playing on is prepared with a program that in this case is called .

It is not very easy to play because the characters have a fairly high mobility and therefore you need to learn over time all those keys or combinations that serve to make you move properly. The key combinations to GTA Vcode> play vary depending on the settings that can be customized but GTA Vcode>we will still write a special article called “keys to play”.

As I specified earlier, to play on a private server with mods, in addition to needing the game already installed and started at least once, you also need the program FIVEMcode> that you download from here. Once installed, FIVEMcode> it will then have to be started, you will be prompted to enter the full path where you installed the game and then it will start directly in the window. You will see a screen where there is a list of servers at the top, click on this link and from the next screen you will see a number of servers. On the left is the filter, you can filter by language or style of play.

I very strongly recommend, at least at the beginning, to stay away from servers with whitelists as I also wrote in a self-titled article because they are selective servers. Always remember that it is only a game and that your character can be deleted at any time even without warning because the private servers are owned by private individuals who can decide at their discretion how long the server must remain active, what are the people who can play within their own servers and more.

I hope this article can be of some use to someone, feel free to ask questions through the comments at the bottom of the page and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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