Harley Davidson rally in Montecatini Terme in Tuscany.

In Tuscany, Italy, 4 days dedicated to Harley Davidson. They arrived in 7000 for the mega gathering of Harley Davidson and the small town of Montecatini Terme was again invaded for the fourth time by the roar of the most famous bikes in the world. The event was held in the Area of Mondolandia and occupied a vast space between the exhibitors and the thousands of bikes from all over Italy. It was organized by 4 Tuscan chapters (Chianti, Florence, Tirreno and Versilia) and in addition to admiring the many bikes were organized guided tours to discover the most beautiful streets of Tuscany, live concerts of rock music, and for H.O.G. members the usual dinner and the Piazza Italia Party.

The protagonists of this mega gathering were 8 Harley Davidsons of the Touring range available to be tested on the road. These include the legendary Road King®, the agile Street Glide® Special, the comfortable Ultra Limited in both the standard and Low versions and the Road Glide® Special.

It was a very special event, riding among the bikes and admiring the various models, which were really many was exhilarating for any motorcycle enthusiast. And in addition to this see the drivers with their vests embroidered with the coats of the various chapters, often husband and wife with the same exact passion, which takes them around the world, along with many others like them, on their fantastic bikes. And you can think of the beautiful dire stratis song, telegraph road and you imagine a straight and very long road to the horizon and a bike like one of them to leave behind a cloud of dust.

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  1. Totally loving this article.. wish I could be there to experience it in person. Definitely making me wanna plan a trip to go see it as a Harley Davidson fan girl.


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