The Luminara of San Ranieri in Pisa

An evening this really special and not to be missed. It takes place in Pisa, on the Lungarni, on the evening of June 16th of every year, the eve of San Ranieri, patron saint of the city. It is an ancient tradition, in fact the first historical document attesting to the tradition of Luminara dates back to 1337. Thousands of wax lights, we talk about a hundred thousand, light up to project the Tuscan city in a magical atmosphere and are reflected in the water of the Arno. And every year these lights draw the architectural forms of churches, palaces and towers of the Lungarni. Once turned on and thanks to the shutdown of public and private lighting, the effect of these trembling lights, offers a unique suggestion, with an ancient flavor. It’s really a magical evening and you don’t expect it.

And it’s nice to wander around in the late afternoon in this unique city, waiting for the dark moment to see that magical show, and find street performers cheering with their songs, dancing and playing the evening hours, and the many little restaurants and stands to eat and sit to rest on the warm June evening. The only problem is that there are too many people, a flood of people taking your breath away and arriving on the banks of the Arno where you can see very well both the Lumina and the fireworks is really a feat. Very beautiful fireworks that close a memorable evening. But from the shoulders of the river you can see very well the fireworks fired from the Citadel and in recent years also from floating platforms on the Arno, which create with the flames of the lights a truly unique scenery. And all this accompanied by music, which you hear from all over the place.

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