How to contact facebook

Have you ever had an urgent need to contact Facebook customer support?

On the web there are a myriad of posts that would explain how to contact Facebook. In fact, the vast majority of those posts, as you may have already understood, are copied by others and the procedures may be unnecessary, frustrating and outdated.

There is only one way to contact Facebookwith absolute certainty and I will explain it to you later.

You will surely have read on blogs full of advertisements that there is a magical link, when you click on this link you find that the page does not exist. This is because Facebookupdates its pages regularly and there are so many that you can’t keep up with re-addresses to old pages sometimes.

You may also have noticed that when you enter the service section, where there is a large database full of useful information, it is in fact impossible to find that magic button that makes you send an email or a report. I mean, there’s no human contact.

Yet Facebookis made by humans, how can we contact them? How can we contact them without going through legal action? The answer is very simple, I did it this way.

Currently this is the link that interests us, makes you read the extended privacy policy policy. If you go to the bottom of the page, there are two ordinary mail addresses one for those who live in the United States or Canada and one for those who live in Europe. This is a link that works now, if it were to be changed in the future you have to look for it on the privacy policy pages.

Now that you have marked this address, the next step is very simple: “You have to send him an international recommendation”. Don’t get scared by this name, it cost me ten euros but I was sure it came.

Don’t forget to write the text in English (their primary language) and then also a copy in your language to avoid misunderstandings, ask that it be answered by ordinary mail and at the same time by email. Be sure to leave him all the necessary contact details and if required, be prepared to send him an ID. I sent it straight to buy time.

If you don’t speak English very well, please contact them on your phone only if they have a person who speaks correctly in your language.

Some of you will be a little disappointed but please believe me when I tell you that this, is the only real tested method that I know to get in touch with Facebook. The guides I read on the internet did not serve me anything, with all due respect to those who wrote or copied them.

It is normal then that Facebook, which has hundreds of millions of users (blessed him), can not put hundreds of thousands of people in a call center to answer users’ questions.

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