Peterbald Cat

The Peterbald cat is a very young and still very rare breed. The birth of the first litter of Peterbalds only took place in 1994 in Petersburg, Russia, by a Russian breeder Olga Mironova and a feline and genetics expert Tatyana Komarova.Β  Cats of Don Sprynx, Siamese and Oriental breeds were mated. The aim was to create a cat with the elegance and refinement of the Siamese and Oriental and the almost hairlessness of the Sprynx.

Initially, this new breed was called Petersburg Sphynx, and only later on it assumed the present denomination of Peterbald (bald in English), it is also called the naked Siamese.

Character of the Peterbald Cat

The Peterbald cat, being a cross between three breeds of cats, has had the luck to get the best from the three for what the character is concerned. It is a very cuddly cat, very attached to its owner and always looking for cuddles and attention. It is not a cat suitable for those who would like to have a cat always curled up on the sofa, in fact it is very active and athletic. Its human must have time available to spend with it, to play with it and keep it active.Β  It is therefore a feline that does not like solitude, and suffers greatly if it is left alone for any length of time. If you can’t spend much time with this cat, it would be better to get another cat or even a dog, as it gets on very well with both of them and they would keep each other company.

It is considered to be a little clingy, as it always seeks human contact and caresses and does not hesitate to ask for them, meowing softly and very loudly.Β  It has the intelligence typical of the Siamese and also its hyperactivity. He learns commands and calls very easily and can be taught games such as fetching. He is very patient with children and is an excellent playmate.

He is very active, an agile jumper and is often found climbing on the highest pieces of furniture. He is also very curious, so there is no corner of the house that is not explored daily. Due to his lack of fur he is always looking for a warm place, he loves to be wrapped up in blankets or have jumpers to wear. He is also very warm to the touch, like a living warmer.

Although it is very energetic and agile, it is a cat that adapts very well to living in a flat, as long as it has the opportunity to play and not get bored.

Appearance of the Peterbald cat

The extremely long, tapered and sinuous body is what distinguishes this cat from other hairless cats. Another of its characteristics is its elegance and attention to deportment, which can be seen in its gait.

It is a medium-sized cat, weighing up to 5 kilograms, with the female being slightly smaller. The paws are long, fine and proportionate to the body, the tail is quite long, and curled at the top.

The head is medium-sized, triangular, longer than wide with large, triangular-shaped ears with a rounded tip. The eyes are almond-shaped, very expressive and blue or green in colour.

Its main characteristic is its coat, whose hair is almost completely absent, at most a light down. The skin is soft and velvety to the touch, with many wrinkles all over the cat’s body. The coat colours of the Peterbald cat can be of all types, including white.

Care and health of the Peterbald cat

The health of the Peterbald Cat is robust and hardy, it has a life expectancy of around 15 years. As far as its coat is concerned, being almost or completely hairless, it needs regular cleaning, with a damp cloth, washed and dried gently. It is advisable to bathe it every 2 to 3 months.

It is a cat that suffers from low temperatures, so in winter it is best to keep it covered and warm. As it is a very lively and hyperactive cat, it needs to eat more than other cats; however, it is best to monitor its diet as it tends to eat more than it needs.

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