Solution: WARNING! You are not running CWP Apache

CentOS Web Panel is an excellent control panel for CentOS servers but it also has the feature that it works in its own way and that any operation performed from the command line very often interferes with the operation of the services that are set up. Before performing the various steps illustrated, make sure that you have read the whole


The web server rejects the request to connect to the site or shows for all domains and subdomains only the default page of the Apache server. If you access the panel, the message “WARNING! You are not running CWP Apache” with the request to press a button that aims to restore the correct pointing of the script that manages the service. It is not necessary to press it, but anyway if you adopt the described solution it should not be relevant.


Specifically the error: “WARNING! You are not running CWP Apache” is related to the fact that somehow, a different version of apache has been installed than the one expected and used by the control panel. Very often, the addition of tools via the command line may recall and have as a prerequisite the installation of standard httpd which is the source of this problem.


The solution is to remove both versions and install the correct one by reconstituting the service. This can be done through the following commands:

  1. killall -9 httpd
  2. yum remove httpd -y
  3. yum remove cwp-httpd -y
  4. yum install cwp-httpd –enablerepo=cwp -y
  5. systemctl daemon-reload
  6. service httpd start


This is a solution that I used and it works for me, follow this guide only if you are sure you know what you are doing, I do not assume any responsibility because a server administrator should know what he is doing. I suggest you to make a backup and if your service provider allows you, a full snapshot.

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