Stay away from GTA V IVM’s WHITELIST servers !!!

Dear friends, today I will tell you about my experience so that you can evaluate and decide independently and impartially. It is important that this article is read from start to finish so that it is easier to get a complete idea as complete as possible of what we are talking about and how this experience of mine can help you.

It all started when I decided to follow someone on his Twitch channel, a place where he streams almost exclusively on games. I had already heard of this game and played there in the past a few hours but unfortunately the pre-packaged story bored me. I don’t really like playing singles and so I took the opportunity to involve a longtime friend of mine.

The idea was to find a server that with appropriate modifications would allow us an experience as realistic and intense as possible. So, after I figured out how to play on an unofficial GTA V server using IVM,I realized that there were a lot of unofficial servers available. The reason why there are so many servers is probably due to a set of factors.

I decided to opt for a server where this person was playing that I followed on twitch because it was a server where you could play role and we others could count on a similar experience twenty years. I was convinced that it would not be that difficult, but reading a regulation more than 40 pages, which provided for a request, a written examination and an oral examination, we immediately became discouraged and went on a server that did not include the whitelist, even in the latter it was played role.

The server was not much at the performance level and in fact, just created the character, I found myself with the basic model and without the possibility to customize it. We met a few players and everything was pretty good, except maybe the fact that the server was pretty bare of players. One of these people we met on the street, he advised me to contact the administrators on discord (who were not there) to help me change the features of my character. Some time later, I was intercepted by a server administrator who ordered me in a tone of annoyed voice to change my character by going to the various shops. We told him that we had punctured (and it was true) and that therefore we could not go around with the car.

We contacted, following the directions of the game, the mechanic who for payment with the virtual currency of the game would fix the wheel. After several tens of minutes waiting for them impaled, we decided to take the car to reach the store in order to follow the administrator’s instructions even with the wheel punctured. We almost immediately receive a message with a warning, three alerts are banned. After a short time, the same administrator of first stops us and tells us that “it is not possible to go around with the punctured rubber” because, if we had lost the grip with the car, they would have accused him of running a server in which there was not really a role.

The managers of these servers,they are terrified of people who sometimes come in just to shoot “funny” videos with the purpose of discrediting the latter. Usually these players have other servers and therefore perpetrate this kind of “unfair competition” but that’s not always the case.

In summary, in this server without whitelist, we could not find the administrators and when they found us, instead of remedying the situation caused by their mismanagement of the server and the various bugs, they reproached us. Imagine a little boy berating men in their forties. It was quite recreational.

After struggling to comply and with the terror that at every corner an admin would pop up to scold us or ban us, we decided to look for a job. The options of the various public works available were very few. Initially we chose to be truckers, after getting our driver’s license, we found with difficulty the site where to take the trucks and then we wondered who could call us in a server so bare of missions and people.

After some time of pure boredom, we returned to the center of employment which is a circle where you choose a certain job on your own. In this case we decided to try a slightly more independent job: the woodcutter. We quickly realized that it was a repetitive job that we couldn’t complete and so we decided to opt for a server with a little more people.

I dropped my eye then on a server offering services in whitelist, also for this is planned the submission of an application, after some time you present the background of the character, you do an oral interview and if you are deemed worthy, you will finally be granted the incredible honor of entering to play on the server. After reading the regulation, I decided to do the interview without the help of any help because in fact on discord, there was no way to check if I had the regulation under hand to peek but I wanted to do things right. I’ve never liked the groups where you have to take an exam but many are convinced that it is the best way to have high quality players and to ensure fun for everyone.

After waiting patiently on the dedicated channel, we hear the voice of one of the examiners who slightly in advance gives us a speech very similar to what you do when you enter the marines. A couple of people, discouraged by that speech, came out of the channel to “prepare better.” It was my turn, initially there were two examiners but at some point one went away because he had to have lunch. They asked me why I had chosen that server and I explained that I was following this streamer. They uttered in chorus a strange verse, but surely it will have been a rustle on discord.

They asked me a lot of questions but in the end the examiner decided to postpone me to three days later because I was insecure about the number of people who can be involved in a given action. I didn’t remember if it was 8 or 15, it was 8. They didn’t even know what a GAME MASTER was, which I had to explain to them. Because I was “insecure” they decided to postpone me to three days later. If I had decided to try again and failed again, the time would have been extended to 5 days and then I could no longer participate.

Personally, I have decided not to try again, I was not convinced, but this decision comes from a set of reflections. The first reason is definitely the fact that at almost forty I can’t be judged by kids for having the honor of playing a game, it’s a stupid reason I know but it’s still my time. The second reason is that the same streamer I was following, following my application, admitted that she did not do any interviews to get on the server. As I have also been confirmed by other players at certain times, the serveradministrators, as it is their right to do, invite who they want them. This is perfectly understandable and legitimate, the server is theirs and of course they let in whoever wants it. So why do I potentially have to lose 10 days in the hope of having the immense privilege of entering?

If players are so well selected, why are there twitch recordings where you clearly see impossible actions, characters doing metagaming, and other unlikely actions? It’s not hard to check, take a look at the various streaming platforms.

At this point my dear friends, you probably might think that I wrote this article just because I was discarded. And in fact, I have to say that I had the impulse to write it right with the intention of venting. Knowing myself so I decided not to name names (although I have evidence of what I say of course) and also I decided to wait more than a day before starting this article to make me boil a little feeling. I therefore think that I wrote an article that perhaps at the beginning was born as a form of revenge but that in the end will give you that point of reflection such that you better consider your choices to give value to yourself and your time.

In fact, I thought that on a server managed in such a “careful” way. It doesn’t take anything for someone to put me in a position to make a mistake. If I had to be careful and focused all the time without having time to relax, surely the quality of my fun would suffer a lot. If I were to be a very careful person, who wants to play at all costs on that server,after a long time that I play with it and after building so much, I could be banned for something minor or because someone could put me in a position to make any mistake.

So from my friends’ point of view, I think this article has come very close to the goal of saving you time and nervousness. My final opinion, therefore, I had had a little previous experience, is to never lose sight of the fact that we are always dealing with a game and that for this reason, never and under any circumstances, you can lose sight of the line that separates the game from reality. Rather than miss a day studying myself 41 pages to be rejected due to a wrong number, I would certainly have invested better my time in looking for the server suitable for my needs without restrictions and focusing especially on the most important side of the game that is the game. Or to read a good book for example.

In fact, with tests and examinations, if one were to follow the directions of these people literally, it could potentially waste 10 days of his life between sheets and regulations. This is not entertainment for me, it’s an exaggeration. Ultimately, I also recommend that you consider the fact that (also due to the maximum number of players), you’ll hardly find people interesting enough to spend their hours without getting bored.

Also, I think it is necessary to warn you, that if you choose this type of server, sooner or later, someone will find a system to make you ban if you are too active or if your game collides with theirs. There is an impressive ride around this kind of server, administrators compete to invite famous streamers with the purpose of attracting people inside the server. Among them, the various directors become mischief-making and have a tendency to apply very unfair practices. To make you understand why I have decided that servers with whitelists are not worth my time, I invite you to do a little exercise of imagination.

Imagine a moment to finally have, after a thousand difficulties (because without recommendations) to finally have the privilege of playing inside one of these servers. You come in, it takes a long time to build the character’s appearance the way you want it, you come in and then? What are you doing? Do you go around hoping to meet someone? Do you stick to your favorite streamer? Really? These are servers frequented by groups of people who have known each other for a long time and who have been playing together for a long time.

This is my personal opinion of course, feel free to leave yours in the comments.

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