The American Bulldog dog breed

The American Bulldog dog breed was born, like the molossoids in general, known simply as Bulldogs, in Great Britain and was used in ancient times for fighting, both between dogs and against bulls. With various cross-breeds in modern times it has diversified into English and French Bulldogs, while in America when it was brought, it maintained its physical characteristics, precisely because it was mainly used as a utility dog, not as a companion but rather employed on ranches and farms in the Middle and Southern United States, where it is an excellent herd dog. Over time it has also become a family pet because it is affectionate and very loyal to its owner.

This breed was selected by two breeders, John D. Johnson and Allen Scott, who gave their names to two of the at least four existing variants. It was brought to the United States to deal with the problem of wild herds in the Bronx’s endless territories.

In America it has been crossed with several breeds including the Dogo Argentino, the Boxer and the Pointer; there are two main variants, the Bully selected by Johnson and the Bulldog Standard, developed by Alan Scott. In addition to these there is also the Hibrid, which is a cross between the two and there is also a line of White Bulldogs which are thought to have been selected from crosses between Pittbulls and American Bulldogs to create a stronger line of dogs suitable for hunting.

Character of the American Bulldog dog breed

The American Bulldog is a very intelligent dog, very obedient and therefore very trainable, although it is a little stubborn and very dominant, but with the right training and good socialisation it is also a good playmate for children because it is also playful, friendly and cheerful. It should not, however, be left unattended with them because it is sometimes too energetic, even if its tendency is to protect, but in the heat of play it may inadvertently bump into them and make them fall.

It is a territorial dog and is very attached to its owner and family and being also very courageous does not hesitate to defend them, in fact it is said that these dogs have performed real acts of heroism.Β  It suffers a lot from loneliness and if left alone for a long time it tends to be destructive both in the house and in the garden.

. It tends to be quiet, especially if it has the opportunity to discharge its energy. He does not tend to bark much. It is wary of strangers, but never aggressive unless there is a real threat.

It is not, however, a dog to be recommended to beginners; it needs authority, trust and respect to develop a positive disposition. The American Bulldog, unlike its French and English cousins, needs a good amount of exercise every day. It is not a dog that is suitable for cohabitation with other dogs or other pets.

Appearance of the American Bulldog dog breed

The American Bulldog is a medium to large dog, with males ranging between 58 and 69 cm at the withers and weighing between 40 and 55 kilograms. Females are between 53 and 63 cm at the withers and weigh between 32 and 45 kilograms. It is an athletic, strong and confident dog, powerful and compact, with a powerful musculature.

It has a large head and powerful jaws, the muzzle is broad and slightly flattened, the ears are of medium size and generally drooping, the eyes are round or almond-shaped, dark in colour and set far apart. Both the neck and the shoulders have a very developed musculature. The tail is carried at half height.
Like all molossoids, it is a breed which tends to drool.

In the variants of the breed, the Classic or Bully is larger than the standard and has a shorter muzzle.

The coat is short and can be either soft or bristly to the touch. Many specimens are entirely white, but some have brown or red patches, but a good percentage of the coat is always white.

Care and health of the American Bulldog dog breed

In general, the American Bulldog is a strong, healthy dog. However, some dogs are prone to dysplasia, so it is best to have them checked for this condition as soon as possible. It has a fairly long life expectancy of 12 to 16 years.

It is a dog that must be kept fit and therefore its diet must be balanced and controlled. Generally, a dog of this size eats about 500 grams per day, preferably divided into two parts, and above all it needs a lot of exercise.

As far as the care of the coat is concerned, it is sufficient to brush it once in a while, a little more during the moulting period.

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