The French Bulldog dog breed

The French Bulldog dog breed was unknown in Italy until a few years ago, but it was very popular in many European countries, first of all France. Now also in Italy it is very requested and desired as a companion dog.

The origin of this breed is controversial, in spite of its name, most likely the French Bulldog comes from England; in the second half of the 19th century, during the industrial revolution, many English workers emigrated to France, and in fact it was the lace workers, who came from Nottinghamshire, where Bulldogs were very popular, who brought with them their little friends, who were then renamed Bouledogues francais and were very successful among the French who adopted them immediately as companion dogs.

The French Bulldog was born from a cross between the English bulldog, the pug, the terrier. They were very small in stature and some had erect ears. These characteristics were not very well liked in England, but in France it was for this reason that the Bulldog was so successful.

Even in France it was the favorite of the upper classes and this contributed to its popularity and towards the end of the nineteenth century it entered the United States, under the nickname of Frenchie, where it became popular with the wealthy urban classes and where in time it would become one of the favorite pet dogs of Hollywood stars.

Character of the French Bulldog dog breed

The French Bulldog is the perfect companion dog; it loves its owner to an enormous degree and is also very jealous of him and defends him with tenacity and strength, thus proving to be an excellent guard dog as well. He instinctively knows who he can trust and who can be a threat to himself or his family and, if necessary, with his powerful bite he is able to assert himself, even if he has an absolutely non-aggressive nature.

It is a very sweet dog, affectionate, intelligent and very attached to his family. He knows how to make himself well liked by both people and animals, with whom he happily spends time playing. Even though it is a docile and obedient breed, it is necessary to socialize it from a young age with other dogs and people, to avoid it becoming a shy adult.

The French Bulldog is not a dog that can be left alone for too long, as he can develop separation anxiety quite easily, which would lead him to be destructive in the house or garden. He does not need much movement, indeed being very lazy like his cousin English Bulldog, he especially loves naps and sleeps preferably next to his master on the couch or bed.

It is therefore suitable for the elderly and people who do not do much physical activity, although a little bit you have to force him and take him out to get him moving a little bit. They are also great dogs for novice owners, as long as they are aware of the time they need to spend with their pets so that they do not suffer. He is also suitable for families with children as he loves to play a lot and has a lot of patience.

Appearance of the French Bulldog dog breed

The French Bulldog is a small dog, its weight ranges from 8 kilograms in females to 14 in males. It has a solid and massive physical structure, which has earned it the name of little Hercules. It is a small typical molossoid; the trunk is well defined and muscular, the limbs are short in front and long and muscular behind. It has a thick tail at the base, which tapers at the end.

The head is typically brachycephalic, with folds on the skin. Β The jaw is wide, broad and square, very powerful. The lower one is more forward than the upper one. The face and the snout are short with a flattened nose and the unmistakable bat-like ears, enlarged at the base and rounded at the tip, which give it a rather funny look. The dark, large, rounded, slightly protruding eyes reveal an attentive gaze.

The coat is short and well adhered to the body, shiny and soft; it can be fawn, tiger, white with tigerish bits and also white with fawn bits.

Health and Care of the French Bulldog Dog Breed

Due to its morphology and genetic issues, it is a very delicate dog that tends to suffer from particular diseases. They are brachycephalic and therefore have breathing problems, due to alterations in the normal passage of air through the airways, and sometimes even to their complete obstruction, which forces surgery when they are puppies so that they can breathe. This also leads them to be intolerant to exercise, as this fatigues them a lot, and still tendency to regurgitation, sleep apnea, breathing noises and recurrent otitis.

It suffers a lot from heat and cold, so it should absolutely not be exposed to either one or the other. As far as the skin is concerned, the French Bulldog tends to suffer from dermatitis, especially in the folds on its muzzle, which must be cleaned often.

There may also be some spinal problems because of the slightly rounded back.

He is not a good swimmer, so it is important to monitor him when he is near a body of water, because he has difficulty swimming, as his head is very heavy in proportion to the rest of his body and can easily drown.

As for his diet, he is not a dog that tends to be overweight and even if he does little exercise a controlled diet is sufficient.

For the care of his coat, he really needs very little attention; a weekly brushing to remove dead hairs and bathing when absolutely necessary, as his coat contains natural oils to keep it clean on its own.

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