The basset fauve de Bretagne dog breed

The basset fauve de Bretagne is a small hound native to France. His exceptional skills as a hunter have made him win many cups of France in rabbit trials, and has become very popular. Initially it was only widespread in Brittany, which is its area of origin, then during the 1900โ€™s, especially between the 30โ€™s and 40โ€™s, it became known outside of its native territory. Today most of the Basset breeding farms are in France, in fact French hunters appreciate it very much for hare hunting and also for its ability to adapt to any terrain and climate.

As far as its origins are concerned, they are quite ancient, but its size stabilized and it began to obtain the first official recognition only in the last century. Among its ancestors, scholars have placed two breeds in particular. The first one is the griffon fauve de Bretagne, the second one is the vandean basset, small version of the official grand basset griffon vendeen. Over the years the breed has been crossed with others, today, however, the basset fauve de Bretagne, is very similar to the original physically but also as a character: brave, cunning and tenacious, but also affectionate and sweet in the family.

It is a tenacious, vigorous and resistant hound. It is mainly suitable for hunting in the highlands among the heaths and brambles. It has also earned a good place as a companion dog but outside of France it has not found the sympathy it deserves.

Dog breed character basset fauve de Bretagne

The Basset fauve de Bretagne is a dog with a great temperament, very sociable, playful, docile and jovial.ย  It is mainly a hunting dog, but it is also excellent as a companion dog. In fact, it is recommended for the whole family, adults, children, the elderly, all can easily become his best friends. Satisfied if he can carry out his masterโ€™s commands, he is also very calm, even if he needs a lot of movement and at least a couple of daily walks.

With children he gets along very well, the little ones become his real protectors that he will always try to keep safe. It is also very suitable as a first dog, its docile and affectionate character makes it easy to train.

With strangers it is very sociable and never shows itself to be aggressive or fearful, but it is not suitable for guarding due to its friendly nature with everyone.

A house with a garden where you can spend a few hours a day is ideal for this dog, especially in the countryside, but it also adapts well to living in an apartment as long as it has its daily outings. It gets along well with other dogs if it has had a good socialization since puppyhood, with cats it is much more difficult as it sees them as prey.

Appearance of the dog breed basset fauve de Bretagne

The basset fauve de Bretagne is a medium-small dog; the height at the withers goes from 32 to 36 centimeters for a weight from 16 to 18 kilograms, the female usually a little less. It is a dog of the basset family, it is a little stocky, has straight or slightly arched limbs, a solid and muscular constitution. Its legs are short, its neck and back are short, its kidneys are muscular and its chest is wide and high.

This animal has a rather elongated skull, a black truffle and prominent but not very abundant whiskers. . The dogโ€™s tail is carried slightly saber-like, of medium length, thicker at the root and often spiked.ย  The eyes are very alert, slightly oval brown in color, the ears drooping at the level of the eye line, are of medium length.

The coat is very hard, dry to the touch, quite short; the coat is fawn or grain-gold, sometimes with a white spot on the chest.

Health and care of the breed of dog basset fauve de Bretagne

A very rustic breed, the Basset fauve de Bretagne has a good constitution and is not predisposed to particular diseases. It has an average life span of 12 to 15 years. It can suffer from progressive retinal atrophy, skin allergies and epilepsy.

Regarding the care of the coat, the Basset fauve de Bretagne is a dog that needs to be brushed twice a week, more frequently during the moulting period. It does not need too frequent bathing. The loss of hair is moderate.

It bears well both heat and cold but not extreme and for long periods. As far as feeding is concerned, this is a not very demanding dog, a controlled and calibrated feeding according to its daily activities is enough to keep it fit without putting on weight. Usually for this breed, one meal a day is sufficient.

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