The beagle dog breed

The origins of the beagle dog breed are very ancient and are lost in the mists of time. There are those who speak of B.C. in Greece, where small hounds flanked the man in the hunting of small prey such as hares. But these can only be the progenitors of the current beagle, which over the centuries has been selected and crossed to arrive at our time as we see it today.

Further along in history we speak of the 1400โ€™s, descending this dog from the hounds used in packs during hunting on foot in England, Wales and France. But especially in England, which is why the beagle is given its origin in this nation.

Beagles are bred for hunting as well as for show and as pets. In fact, over time this dog has become more and more a perfect house and family dog. But its exceptional sense of smell has remained intact and in fact the beagle is still used today for hunting and as a sniffer dog for detecting explosives and narcotics. Its olfactory talent depends not only on its powerful nose, but also on the long ears with which it retains scents while following a trail.

Originally, the beagle breed was smaller than it is today because English hunters used to carry these dogs in wicker baskets hanging from the saddles of their horses and then release them when they were caught in the fox field. It is not by chance that the name beagle in ancient French and Celtic means small.

The breed standard wants them to be a little bigger, but still sometimes small beagles like that are born. However, the beagle is now, for all intents and purposes, Snoopy, Charlie Brownโ€™s inseparable companion in the American Peanuts comic strip sagas.ย  Unfortunately, it is also one of the most widely used guinea pigs in medical/scientific experimentation.

Beagle Dog Breed Character

The beagle is a sociable, affectionate, lively dog that likes to receive affection. It is bold, very active, capable of great determination and endurance; it is also alert, intelligent and has a temperament suited to these characteristics. But he is also lovable and alert and does not show aggression or shyness.

His temperament makes him a friend to everyone, including children with whom he loves to play a lot. He is always enthusiastic about participating in family activities, especially if outdoors. It is not a dog to be left alone for long, it suffers when left alone. The beagle, suffers a lot from loneliness and can get nervous and bored to the point of becoming destructive, taking it out on sofas, curtains, carpets, shoes, etc.. In addition, he may bark a lot, disturbing the neighborhood.

It adapts well to apartment life, but requires at least a couple of long daily outings, to vent all its liveliness. It is therefore ideal for a hunter owner, or sportsman. Always for this reason it is not very suitable for elderly or sedentary people.

It is not a guard dog at all, it wags its tail happily at strangers, but due to the fact that it barks a lot, it can be used as a sentinel if it feels someone approaching that it does not know. However, it must be trained firmly and constantly, from a very young age, both for obedience and for socialization with other animals. It trains quite easily because it wants to please its owner, but sometimes it is a bit stubborn and disobedient, so it is good that the owner has clear ideas on how to train it.

Appearance of the beagle dog breed

The beagle is a medium-small dog, the male can reach 38 centimeters in height at the withers, for a weight that at most reaches 20 kilograms. But on average it is around 10-15 kilograms, the female usually a little less.ย  It has a robust and compact structure, but graceful and elegant. The thorax is powerful. The tail is strong, of moderate length and is carried high but not rolled up or leaning forward.

The head is of medium-small length, the stop is well marked, the muzzle is not blunt and has a wide black truffle with well open nostrils.ย  With subjects with a lighter coat, the truffle is also lighter. The eyes are large, well spaced, dark brown and hazel in color and have a very sweet and captivating expression. The ears are long, with rounded ends, and descend on the cheeks; lying down they reach the tip of the nose.

The coat can be of different colors; tricolor, orange white, lemon white and blue tricolor.ย  The tip of the tail is always white. The coat hair is short, waterproof and thick.

Care and Health of the Beagle Dog Breed

The beagle is a dog that enjoys excellent health and has a fairly long life expectancy, around 14 years, but many specimens also reach 17. It may suffer from dysplasia and are also quite frequent eye disorders. Otherwise, long walks and lots of outdoor activity is all that is needed to give it a long and active life.

It tolerates well both cold and heat and as far as feeding is concerned, it is important to provide a healthy and adequate one without exaggerating with premiums and carbohydrate foods, as it is a breed that tends to put on weight.

For the care of the coat, it is enough to brush it once a week and every two months take a bath. It is important to take care of the ears because, as they hang, they are not well ventilated and must be kept well cleaned.

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