The bearded collie dog breed

The origins of the dog breed bearded collie, is to be traced back to the dogs introduced in Europe by the Magyars, the people who settled in today’s Hungary from northern Asia. History says that in 1514 a Polish trader Kazimierz Grabski, landed in Scotland bringing with him some specimens of long-haired dogs, as shepherd dogs. Put to work, they proved to be so good at working with sheep that local farmers wanted to trade a couple of them for some of their sheep.

These dogs crossed with Scottish shepherds, gave birth to the highland collie, from which at the beginning of 1900 began a new selection by the first club to protect the bearded collie. At that time there was no recognized standard and probably the breed has seen other crosses over the centuries before reaching the characteristics that we know today.

However, in Scotland at the beginning of the nineteenth century was considered a valid working dog, which was entrusted with the guidance and the complete conduction of herds of cattle to move from one place to another.Β  This breed has seriously risked extinction, like others, during the Second World War, and is still considered a rare breed even if since then breeding has resumed.

We owe the existence of the bearded collie, as we know it today, to Scottish dog lover G. Olive Willison, who began breeding these very lively dogs after World War II, saving them from extinction.

Character of the bearded collie dog breed

The bearded collie is an alert, lively, active, confident and generous dog. Crossing his eyes, one also realizes that he is a very sweet dog, he does not show signs of nervousness or aggressiveness.

Always ready to run and play, he is an excellent companion for children, with whom he gets along very well. It is affectionate with the whole family, and today more than a working dog, we can say that it is a companion dog. It stays quietly in an apartment and it also has a calm, cuddly and patient side, so it gets along well even with the elderly. This does not negate the need for physical activity, especially given its origins as a shepherd, but it means that this breed is able to adapt to different types of environment, without any problem and without suffering much.

He barks a lot when he hears some unusual noise, but if a stranger enters the house, he welcomes it with joy, so he is not going to be a guard dog, even if he alerts when needed.

To train a bearded collie is simple, it is a very intelligent dog and it is enough not to adopt aggressive attitudes, in that case it could lose confidence and close in on itself becoming sad and stubborn. It is also an excellent dog for pet therapy, thanks to its positive inclination towards people. It obeys all family members and accepts other dogs without any problems.

Appearance of the bearded collie dog breed

The bearded collie is a medium-sized dog, the height at the withers is around 55 centimeters for a weight that in the male can reach 25 kilograms, the female usually a little less. It has a lean physique and its constitution is strong and robust. It has a longer body, light, solid and flexible movements. The legs are straight, with strong but not heavy bones, and are covered with fur on all sides. The tail is inserted low and is quite long. Carried low, it curves upward at the tip both on station and in motion. It is never carried on the back and is covered with abundant fur.

The head is in proportion to the size. It has a bright and intelligent expression. The muzzle has strong features and the skull box is capable. The muzzle has a very charming and typical expression. The truffle is wide and square, generally black but normally matching the color of the coat. The eyes are large, well spaced and with a sweet and affectionate expression; their color is in harmony with the color of the coat. The ears are of medium size and drooping.

But what distinguishes the bearded collie is its coat; it is double, with a soft, dense, fur-like undercoat, and very long even on the muzzle and forms a sort of beard and long whiskers.Β  The color of the coat ranges from slate gray, black, blue, brown, sand, fawn and reddish and are allowed in the standard, both with spots and without spots.Β  The bearded collie is undeniably an aesthetically attractive dog, elegant in form and gait, and uniquely friendly.

Care and Health of the Bearded Collie Dog Breed

There are no specific diseases found in this breed. With advancing years, hip dysplasia and osteomuscular and ocular disorders may occur. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.

As far as the care of the coat is concerned, the bearded dog is a bit demanding. His coat should be brushed often to avoid knots, bathed approximately every month and his ears, mouth and eyes inspected weekly to make sure they are clean and that there are no infections or parasites. It does not shed undercoat and does not need to be trimmed, as it does not grow.

It tolerates both cold and hot temperatures quite well, but not extreme and not for long. As far as nutrition is concerned, it does not have a tendency to obesity, a balanced diet and daily exercise are enough for it to always be in shape.

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