The Boston Terrier dog breed

The origin of the Boston terrier dog breed is ancient, its ancestors were fighting dogs, crossing bulldogs with small terrier-type dogs. In the second half of the nineteenth century a breeder, Mr. Robert C. Cooper of Boston, obtained the first recognized specimen of the Boston Terrier, which he called Tom, from various crosses, including a White English Terrier dog (now extinct breed), which had the following characteristics: white spot on the muzzle, as well as feet and chest, short tail “hooked”. dark tiger coat.

This occurred in Boston and hence its name. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Boston terrier was the most popular dog in the United States. In 1976, the year of the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, the Boston terrier was chosen as the symbol of the event, and in 1979 it was designated as the official dog of the state of Massachusetts, also becoming the de facto mascot of countless colleges and their sports teams.

The Boston terrier dog is a very friendly house dog, as it does not need large spaces and has few demands; it is also an excellent watchdog.

Character of the Boston terrier dog breed

The Boston terrier has a beautiful character, very intelligent, very sweet, it is ideal for a family because it becomes attached to all members and especially with children is a tireless playful. He gets on well with everyone, even dogs and other pets, provided he has been trained and socialised at an early age. He is also ideal for elderly people, as he is not very demanding. He certainly likes to go out, run and play outdoors, but he also adapts to being near his human quietly.

It is not a dog that can be left alone for several hours, it suffers a lot from loneliness, but given its small size and adaptability it can be taken anywhere.  It is polite and easy to train, but is also a strict guardian on occasion, attentive to noise and new people, making it an excellent watchdog and very brave.

It is therefore perfect for people who are new to dog training. In fact, raising a Boston terrier is easy, because this dog is really intelligent and is constantly learning new things. Its lively character brings a breath of fresh air into the home.

Appearance of the Boston terrier dog breed

The Boston terrier is a small dog.  It comes in three weights, light under 6.75 kg, medium between 6.25 kg and 9 kg and heavy from 9 kg and no more than 11.25 kg.  Its physique is muscular and square in appearance. It has a very short trunk, which makes it appear rather stocky, but also well-proportioned. The dog gives the impression of tenacity, strength and activity, with great style; loose and graceful gait.

It has a square skull, short muzzle and a slightly prognathous set of teeth. The eyes are prominent and dark, very large and expressive, the ears are small and straight, the legs slender and the tail very short.

The coat of this dog is short and fine, very shiny and soft to the touch. It does not require any special care, unlike that of other breeds. The colour is tiger with pleasant white spots on the head, chest and tail. In fact, this dog is nicknamed the “gentleman of dogs” because its black and white coat resembles a dinner jacket.

Care and health of the Boston terrier dog breed

The Boston Terrier is a healthy dog that does not suffer from any major genetic diseases, but like almost all small breeds, it can suffer from congenital dislocations of the patella (knee), oculopathy, allergies and heart problems. It tends to be very hot due to the particular shape of its muzzle, which makes breathing difficult in certain conditions.  It has a life expectancy of about 14 years.

It must necessarily live exclusively indoors, as in addition to the heat it also fears the cold, due to its short, shiny coat, which does not provide much protection. It does not need much physical exercise, but a couple of walks a day will be very welcome.

The loss of hair, which is moderate, is accentuated in spring and autumn, when it is advisable to brush it daily. At other times, once or twice a week is sufficient.

As far as feeding is concerned, the Boston terrier may have a tendency to put on weight if particular attention is not paid to feeding it according to daily exercise and movement.

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