The dog breed Chinese crested dog or Chinese naked dog

The origins of the Chinese crested dog breed or Chinese naked dog are lost in the mists of time and there are various legends and myths about this breed. It is thought that the various breeds of naked dog on earth all descend from the same stock and that the warm climate in which they developed is the cause of the genetic mutation, so it is assumed that they originated in Africa, where they were spread around the world by man during his travels.

We do not know for sure when this breed arrived in China, but it is known that these dogs already existed there in 1200 and were used to hunt mice on merchant ships. Later it is believed that they belonged to Chinese noble families where they were the guardians of the treasures of the house, to the point of being bred by the emperors of the Han dynasty.

But until 1800 they were unknown in the rest of the world and it was during this period that they became popular in Europe thanks to the intervention of Iva Garret, a lover of this breed who made it known to the rest of the world, gaining particular success in Great Britain and the United States.

The Chinese bareback dog is one of the three breeds of bareback dogs officially recognised by the FCI. There are many other types of bareback dogs scattered throughout the world, but they are not recognised as an official breed. In fact, it is not uncommon for the same litter to include both naked and hairy dogs.

Despite its Chinese origins, this dog is currently almost unknown in China, while it is known and widespread in Europe and the United States. They are even found in cold countries such as Norway and Sweden. They are in all respects companion dogs and due to the great variety of colours and textures it is difficult to find two similar dogs in this breed, so much so that it is said of the Chinese crested nude that it is a unique piece.

They are dogs suitable for exhibition, agility, obedience and pet therapy.

Character of the dog breed Chinese crested dog or Chinese naked dog

The Chinese Naked Dog is a perfect companion and flat dog, suitable for living with all families because it adapts quickly to any environment. It is small, docile and becomes very attached, especially to its owner, from whom it finds it difficult to detach itself.ย  In fact, it is a dog that suffers greatly from being alone, needs to be the centre of attention and is also very obedient and protective of children. It hardly ever barks, so it is perfect for living in a flat, it just needs company and to play a little. It is therefore suitable for families with children and also for elderly people.

He is easily socialised with other dogs and pets; the only problem with his management is that he needs to take care of constant physical activity, as he tends to get heavy despite his slender constitution.

As far as training is concerned, they are particularly sensitive and intelligent dogs, they learn very quickly and are able to understand commands and indications very quickly. They are never fearful or unreasonably aggressive towards strangers, but tend to avoid them.

Appearance of the Chinese crested dog breed or Chinese bare dog

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small dog, also known as a mini or toy because there are extremely small specimens in the Chinese Crested Dog. At the withers, the height can vary between 15 and 35 centimetres and the weight between 3 and 6 kilograms. The structure is fine and elegant, with a medium-fine bone structure. It is undoubtedly the most exotic and spectacular of the canine species.

There are two distinct types of this breed: the deer type which has a fine bone structure and the cobby type which is heavier in body and bone structure. The adature is fast. The limbs are long and slender, the tail, attached high, carried high or horizontal in action. It is long and rather straight, tapering towards the extremity with a plume of long and flowing hair.

The head is smooth, without wrinkles, with well defined cheeks and a pronounced stope. The ears are large and straight, with or without hair; in the variety with hair they are sometimes also found with drooping ears. The eyes are generally very dark and well spaced out.

The peculiarity of this breed is its coat. Generally, the trunk is smooth and hairless, with hair only on the feet, head and tail. However, in addition to the naked variety, the Chinese bareback dog also has a hairy variety, whose coat is covered with a soft veil of hair that extends over the entire body. Its coat is particularly soft and voluminous because it is made up of an undercoat and a veil of long hair above it.

Its skin is fine-grained and soft and warm to the touch. On the head, the hair forms a long tuft which is one of the breedโ€™s characteristic features. Its skin has small folds and its colour varies according to the season: pinker in winter, in summer it has pigmentation with dark spots.ย  Both types of specimens have the powder puff gene, which is responsible for the growth of the coat. Therefore, from two hairless specimens one can be born with a long coat, but the opposite can never happen.

The colour of the coat has all possible shades, the most common being black, apricot, chocolate, cream, blue and tricolour.

Health and care of the dog breed Chinese crested dog or Chinese naked dog

These dogs are not predisposed to any particular hereditary diseases, but they are more susceptible to a number of conditions: closed auditory canals, immune deficiency, epilepsy, allergies, etc. Another typical problem in toy breeds is dislocation of the kneecap. Another typical problem with toy breeds is luxation of the kneecap. The majority of the teeth are pointed, which may lead to certain diseases, and it is therefore necessary to regularly take care of the dogโ€™s oral hygiene and have regular specialist visits. They have a fairly long average life expectancy of around 14 years.

The hairless dogs need frequent bathing, especially if they are outdoors a lot. Long-haired specimens, on the other hand, must be brushed daily to avoid knots and to remove dead hair.

It should also be borne in mind that the skin of naked dogs has no defence against the sun and heat, so it is best to avoid taking the dog out during the hottest hours of the day and to keep the skin moisturised.

The diet should be balanced and controlled to avoid overweight. Fresh food or commercial products of good quality are also recommended.

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