The English Bulldog dog breed

The history of the English Bulldog dog breed is rather complex and very old.  Their origins are spoken of as far back as 1,300 and even earlier in the British Isles. At that time it was used for bull fighting. In a document of 1209 it is told of a dog that chased a bull throughout Stamford, it seems that the animal belonged to a butcher and was in fact a Bulldog. Much is said about it in the nineteenth century when these dogs were made to enter the arenas in bloody fights with the bulls.

Like all Molossians, the Bulldog is descended from the “Asian mastiffs” imported by Phoenician merchants in Britain and even in ancient Rome they fought against slaves and wild beasts. Initially they had longer legs and less prognathism of the muzzle, then over the centuries they tried more and more to select the physique and temperament to make it more and more fearsome.

After 1835 the Bulldog dog breed began to evolve into the stockier, shorter snouted version we know now. And its fearsome character also changed a lot, becoming to all intents and purposes the sweet and cuddly companion dog that it is now. The breed actually seems to have been the result of a genetic anomaly, then brought forward by the breeders thanks to a series of selections that have determined the current standards, very different from those of the dark times to which it owes its name.

Character of the English Bulldog dog breed

The English Bulldog is the classic companion and apartment dog. Very sweet and affectionate, it establishes a loving relationship with its owner and family members. He loves to stay at home and divide his time between a nap on the carpet and a nap on the couch. He must be encouraged to move, he is totally lazy if left to himself, even if every now and then he has moments of performance that make him look like an active dog.

It is a dog that is also chosen for its proverbial patience with children, with whom it loves to play and towards whom it is very protective. It always tries to be caressed and taken into consideration by all those around it on a daily basis.  He generally likes to be with people, in fact he is not a dog that can be left alone for a long time, as in the long run he could become an apathetic, dull and sad dog, at risk of depression.

They are also very brave, so they can also be perfect guard dogs. It is one of the most suitable breeds for those who are looking for a quiet dog, therefore very suitable for elderly people or those who do little physical activity, and adapts to everything even in studio apartments, all he needs is a small place all for him and he is happy.

The English Bulldog is a dominant breed, so sometimes it can be aggressive with dogs of the same sex, so socialization from an early age is great for him to be with other animals. He also has no problems with cats or other small animals. As for strangers, he has a good sociality with strangers who do not represent a danger, and after an initial sniff he welcomes everyone with joy.

Appearance of the English Bulldog dog breed

The English Bulldog is a dog of medium size and small stature, its height at the withers ranges from 35 to 40 centimeters for a weight around 25 kilograms, the female usually a little less. The appearance of this dog makes it almost funny, and its standard of beauty is unique, but even not being beautiful, it likes a lot, more for its sympathetic appearance.

He is short and stocky, broad, powerful and compact; he has a strong frame protected by hard muscles, the front legs are short but powerful and muscular, slightly angled outward, while the rear is narrower with limbs a little longer than the front. The tail is inserted rather low and stretches out straight, then curves downward, not very long, rather thick at the root reduces at the tip.

The head is very big and wide, typically brachycephalic, with a very short nasal passage. The muzzle is wide, short and turned slightly upward. The truffle and nostrils are wide and black in color and are very prominent. The jaws are massive and wide and has an inverted bite. The lower jaw protrudes from the upper jaw to slightly expose the lower incisors, the ears are thin and small and fold forward at the back, the eyes are distant and round in shape.

The skin is droopy, with deep wrinkles and thick folds, on the face and neck where they form a dewlap. The coat of the English Bulldog is smooth with a fine texture, short and thick. The colors can be various: plain, with mask or black muzzle, but also tiger, red, with various shades of fawn or white and mottled with various sizes and spots.

Care and health of the English Bulldog dog breed

Seeing it you might think that the English Bulldog is a strong and sturdy dog; in reality it is not so, on the contrary they are very delicate dogs that need a lot of care, especially for respiratory problems that worsen enormously in the hot season. In fact this dog suffers the heat and also the cold, but above all the heat, therefore it is necessary to avoid exposing it, keeping it cool, while in winter when it is taken outside it must be covered.

Particular pathologies that can affect the English Bulldog are hip dysplasia, soft palate, eye diseases, heart problems, cancer and others.  Unfortunately the continuous selection of the breed for aesthetic purposes, has caused an alteration of the genome losing many of the genes that regulate the normal immune response and therefore it is of very poor health and also has a very short life expectancy, on average 8 years.

Very often he snores, not because of the nasal passage which is really short, but this depends exclusively on the short palate and the particular conformation of the mouth leads him to drool a little bit.

As for the care of the coat, this does not require special care, if not a brush once a week to remove the dead hair, but the folds on the muzzle and neck should be cleaned regularly to avoid skin infections.

It has a tendency to put on weight, both because of its particular conformation, because it does not do much motor activity and because it is endowed with a robust appetite, therefore its diet must be balanced and precise for its weight, obviously with first quality food.

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