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Tonight I beat Rancid, at level 471, the evil raccoon of a little game I play on the internet, who wants to lay out a nice layer of concrete for all without thinking about all those poor vegetables and animals to which he would take the earth off. It’s a nice satisfaction, I’ve been trying for two weeks.

I admit, even I am not immune to the so-called pastime games that rage on the internet, indeed I would say that I make excessive use of it because I always have one under my hand and to which I dedicate at least half an hour a day. But I’m telling myself to console myself a little that I need to relax after a busy day. It’s only 5 lives, it takes to finish them and then you have to wait some time to get them back and be able to play again, so there’s no danger that you’ll hypnotize and wonder how long.

But they are mere illusions.

Keep an eye on the leaderboard. At the beginning there are many of your contacts that play us, then passing from level to level they become more and more absolised. So at first when you beat some, share, share, share, share all contentment thinking, “I screwed you up, and I want you to know.” Then one day I came up with an annoying thought. Looking at the leaderboard I realized that there were only two of us at those levels playing and I thought of my contact: “Always here to play, but don’t you have a life?” Capers, what if someone thought the same thing about me? But I have a life, I said to myself and also satisfying, but since then I have not shared any results on the games I make.

From morning to night

He’s sounding the alarm clock, I’m going to get up. I always put it a little early because I like to stretch out in the bathroom before facing the day. And it’s time for the mobile phone and my first game in Burraco, for those who don’t know it is a very intriguing card game and that also gives me satisfaction since month after month I always occupy the top places of the ranking. And you can swear that at any time of the day and night you will always find someone to make a nice match.

Sometimes, however, it is the situation that if I think about it it makes me laugh a lot. In the morning around 7 am, sitting on the toilet playing cards. And I think maybe my opponent or opponent is in the same situation as me at the time. Isn’t he comic? Two adults, (because this game is mainly for adults, indeed for seniors, as I say) on the toilet in the morning playing cards. I remember the good times when we brought a nice book in the bathroom in the morning.

Well, if you want to be technological, you can do it now, you can read books on your mobile phone. But for me, the game is better. It doesn’t last long, maybe fifteen minutes if you find an opponent who has to think 30 seconds every move he makes, and then you look at the clock, if you’ve got time left you make another one otherwise you finish getting ready and get out.

However, there would be much more to say about this game. First of all, compared to game schematics, in which there is no chat. on this instead there is. I find it annoying, I at least when I play I think only about playing, chatting distracts me and does not allow me to follow well the pattern that I have proposed. A lot of people like that. It’s okay to say hello, a good morning to which I always answer but then that’s enough. And being a woman unfortunately, you just answer the greeting that the usual questions begin. What’s your name, how old you are, what you do in life.

At this point it was necessary to find a solution and so I put an avatar of an old man, in the male description and luckily the usual requests at this point are almost gone. Almost however, someone still insists and at that point I shoot a nice “I’m 78 years old” and as if by enchantment everything is silent. And, I say, wouldn’t they first make all these curious chatters to go to some dating chat and ask all the questions they want?

There are also other various moments in the day when playing a 10-minute game you need to distract yourself and relax.

But it’s the evening that’s the real star of this kind of thing.

After dinner, put the house back in place, watched the news, (because it’s always good to keep informed about what’s going on in the world), you want to turn off the TV because you don’t find anything satisfactory and at that point or you start watching a movie or tv series one of the platforms that are there now or go to the PC and find something to spend a couple of hours. And it’s at this point that if you don’t decide for an outing or a movie that you immerse yourself in a role-playing or multiplayer game online, or strategies or war.

Role-playing games

Role-playing games on the internet there are a lot of them and playing these kinds of games means pretending to be someone else, even if that’s a generic definition but that fits all kinds of role-playing games.

So you’re in a fantasy world, often like the World of the Lord of the Rings, where you can be an elf or a dwarf or a hobbit or many other fantasy races. These games are usually played through a forum and wearing your character you find yourself interacting writing with so many other players and this creates situations where the player’s imagination is the key to your character’s success or not. And to be interesting by being able to fully empathize with the character you play is the real fun of these games.

In these games you form congregations or corporations that players want to enter but that to do so you have to be good. However this type of game is no longer very fashionable preferring the large audience of different game players.

Online multiplayer role-playing games

You play online on your PC, but in this case you make yourself a character and you see it directly on the screen moving, acting and doing all the actions you want to make it, all this in a fantastic world populated by monsters, fairies, orcs etc.

There is a fantastic game that has enthused millions of people all over the world and has loved me too.

My kids gave me the game for a Christmas and I honestly didn’t really want to, I wasn’t really inspired by that game. In fact, he set it up and played one of my sons. Then I decided to try since he assured me it was very intriguing. So I got a character, a little finger, actually gnometta and I started playing. The scenery was very nice, it was a landscape with a lot of snow and sometimes it even snowed. The game at the beginning is very simple, you have to do the missions that are assigned to you and during which you find items that you need to have better clothes, better weapons etc.

But the beauty of this game is that along with you who do the usual missions and are at your level there are many other players and so you can interact with them, make some kind of alliance and share the spoils of the missions. It’s a lot easier. As you level up the world in which you move, it expands dramatically and a lot of new scenarios and a lot of new things open up that really make you appreciate that game.

You can join a guild, which would be a congregation of people helping each other through the toughest stages of the game or to make raids, which are real dangeons with really strong monsters and it’s hard to beat them even if we’re in parecc Hi. But these give you armor or weapons that are really valuable.

You can also make a profession to be able to make some coins by selling what you recover and buying you what you need. There’s even an auction inside the game where you find everything.

However, it would take a lot to talk about this game, so many and varied things that you can do inside it.

Anyway you make friends and maybe you play with them for a long time and it’s nice in the evening when you start playing put on your headphones and talk to them.

Strategy games

There are a lot of strategy games and some really good ones. But I want to tell you about my own experience with a game of slaughter.

You have to choose a race, there are 3 and at that point you have to do the tutorial that explains a little how the game works. But right after that it’s nice to throw yourself into a few games, usually one on one. You always lose at first, unless you find a newfound like you, then slowly you learn the strategies and start winning a few games.

Matches usually last about twenty minutes at most half an hour and the secret is speed. The speed you use to build the various buildings that will allow you to have more powerful units. Speed in collecting resources without which you can’t do anything. Speed to defend you that at least allows you to overcome the first attack.

It’s a game of speed. The games with the most players are very fun, normally the most popular ones are the three towards three. How many nights I’ve been through this game. But I really had a great time. When you find teammates you’re comfortable with who are at the same level as you, you often win almost every game and that’s when you’re recognized as a fearsome opponent.

Also in this game there are congregations that are called clans and there are prestigious ones that everyone wants to enter, but where to enter is very difficult because they only take really strong players. These clans often wage wars with other clans and you have the chance to see your teammates’ games alive.

War games or shooter

I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of game, but I understand it has a nice following of players.

What I felt was a team game. You are a soldier, equipped with rifle, hand grenades and other types of weapons that along with other players you are inside a scenario that is not usually very big, some street, several buildings where you can enter, and you have to try to kill as many enemies without be killed. It’s not very easy and at first you try to put yourself in a sheltered place waiting for some enemy to pass from there, but then this gets boring and then you start hunting.

Also in this game there are clans and normally when you enter one of these players of a game are your clan mates with whom you normally face talking to microphone and headphones, so it is easier to coordinate attacks. Usually there is a foreman who leads the group and gives information about what we need to do. I didn’t play much time because I was monotonous in the type of game. That is almost always the same map, almost always the same things to do. Put simply it has become boring.

I know of other games that have more chances of variety than this but I don’t know the subject very well so I just talked about what I played.


This is just a partial and very limited overview of the games that are on the internet, there are really many and of all categories.

But I am reminded of a very funny moment from my internet experience many years ago. Back then on the forums there were also games that could be of many types, but many were just skill: Games very simple but that engaged you in the sense that there was a leaderboard and you had to make a certain score to get into it.

They were just funny, too bad they don’t find any more. Or at least I, even though I’ve been looking for them, I haven’t found any more.

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