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The Toyger Cat is a very recent breed born in the United States. Its name literally means toy (toy) and tiger (tiger). In fact it was created just to look like a miniature tiger.Β  In the 80’s a breeder Judy Sugden, obtained this cat by crossing many different cats (there are even 40 breeds). She started anyway with a cat of Bengal ancestors, a fruit of her selections that had streaks similar to the coat of a tiger. Then she continued crossing Makerel Tabby cats with Bengals, until the current standard.

It is very well known and loved in the United States and England and slowly it is spreading also in Italy even if for now there are very few breedings of this breed.

Toyger Cat Character

It looks like a small tiger, both for its coat and for the way it moves, but in reality it is a very sweet cat that loves to spend time with its owner, with its family and also with other animals if there are any. You would think that not only the physical appearance but also the character has been taken care of in every detail: the Toyger seems to be made especially for living in close contact with human beings.

It is playful, affectionate, very curious and very intelligent. He also lets himself be carried on a leash and, strangely enough, he loves water.Β  He is generally well disposed not only with family members and other animals but also with those he knows recently and even with strangers to whom he asks cuddles and attention.

Suitable both for children because he is very playful and not at all aggressive, and for the elderly because he does not disdain apartment life and even if an active breed, he also knows how to appreciate calm. They love to hunt so it is good not to keep small animals such as birds or rodents at his reach.

He can not stand being alone for long periods of time, so if during the day we are never at home it would be appropriate to provide him with another playmate.

Appearance of the Toyger Cat

The Toyger cat is a medium-sized cat. It has a long and graceful physique, muscular and with a strong bone structure. The male weighs an average of 4 to 6 kilograms; the female weighs 3 to 4 kilograms. The tail is very long and ends rolled up on itself. The legs are of medium length.Β  The head is of medium size, while the snout is long and wide. The nose is wide and the chin is pronounced. The ears are small and round. The eyes are small and round in various shades of brown, but can also be blue, aquamarine, green or golden.

The main feature of the Toyger cat is the color of the coat, which must be tigrated. It is uniformly short, very soft and dense, usually white around the eyes and slightly longer around the muzzle.

The color of the coat is brown with orange parts on the belly, the stripes range from dark brown to black and are present throughout the body including the legs. The darker parts have slightly longer hair and the hair is very shiny.

Health and care of the Toyger Cat

This cat is generally healthy, . has no breed-specific hereditary disorders or congenital malformations.

Its hair does not require special care, just brush it once a week to keep it soft and shiny. It loses very little hair even during the moulting period.

It has an average life expectancy, therefore from 12 to 15 years, and the treatments are those that must be done to all felines: cleaning the ears once in a while, and cutting the nails. It is a cat that manages its own nutrition, does not tend to get fat and the recommended foods are both crunchy and wet food, however, of excellent quality.

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