Gigi Proietti died on November 2, 2020

Gigi Proietti, actor, comedian, comedian, voice actor, TV presenter, director, singer, artistic director and Italian teacher has left us. More than 20 years have passed since I saw him perform live for the first time in the theater of my hometown. It immediately gave me the impression that in addition to being an incredibly talented professional and artist, he was also endowed with an uncommon humanity. When I watched him talk about life in the theater, I felt at home.

A strange coincidence is the fact that he was born on November 2 (1940) and died on November 2 (2020). It is inauspicious this year, they left us many great ones. I will not tell you about his life because we all know him and we all know who he was, his art will always remain part of our culture. However, it is with another amazing coincidence that I wanted to finish this short article.

As we know, recently Sean Connery also left us, well, in the movie โ€œDragonheartโ€, the voice of the dragon was dubbed respectively by Connery in English and Proietti in Italian. So I like to remember him with a quote from this film.

Bowen: And now, Draco, without you, what will we do? Who will we turn to?
Voice of Draco: To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.

Perhaps I feel the weight of this period too much, and to learn that so many great men are leaving us, makes me feel a little bit at the mercy of the wind. But once again, even after his death, when I listen to his voice from recorded videos I find comfort.

And when things got more difficult, Dracoโ€™s star shone stronger, for us who knew where to look.

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