Sean Connery died on October 30, 2020

Why does the sun rise and set? And the stars are just pinheads in the cloak of the night? Who knows? What I know is that… Since you were born different… Man will fear you, he will cast you out everywhere, like the people of your village.

The sentence you have just read is a quote from the Highlander film which is only one of my favorite films in which the Irish actor Sir Thomas Sean Connery appeared.

I was working by tapping on the keys on my notebook when I heard a news that shocked me. I couldn’t believe it, the news seemed absurd to me and I wanted to check practically every information site I knew to make sure it was true.


Sean Connery is dead, I repeated in my mind as if trying to convince an incredulous friend of the truthfulness of a news too bad to be accepted.

Many will remember him as James Bond in 007 but he was much more than that.

There is a reason why I chose a picture and a phrase from the movie Highlander. He always professed to be on the side of the independence of Scotland and even tattooed on his arm the words β€œScotland for Ever”, he was also named Sir by Queen Elizabeth.

He never spoke willingly about his private life and therefore in this article, out of respect for his memory and this will, we will not write about it.

He played dozens of roles with a charisma out of the ordinary. Who does not remember his smile, his look and his way of speaking? Countless were his films, the last of which was β€œthe legend of extraordinary men”.

He has also appeared on television, theater, worked as a voice actor, radio, director, narrator and many other things. Equipped with exquisite humor, he was named the sexiest man of the century by β€œPeople” magazine. And even my partner seems to agree in this.

Just to understand us, he could afford to reject Gandalf’s part of β€œLord of the Rings” and Albus Dumbledore’s part of the β€œHarry Potter” saga. It is said that he did it because he did not understand the character of Gandalf and because he did not believe in the Harry Potter saga. Personally I think he did well, I would not have seen him in their shoes because he had a different kind of charisma.

We appreciate him for playing roles like Richard the Lionheart in the movie Robin Hood alongside Kevin Costner or Indiana Jones’ father, for that matter.

There are also those who claim that his dream in the drawer was to be a footballer and not an actor. For the luck of us cinephiles, life has reserved a different destiny for him, although he has also worked hard in the field of sports.

He was very active in defending the environment as a member of the Advisory Board of the Organization for Marine Protection called Sea Shepherd.

Sean Connery left the film world after undergoing surgery for kidney cancer. And so my friends, let’s remember him for the great man he was. One of the few people whose art will survive time making him β€œimmortal”.

– The King’s Weapons (Lilacs in the Spring), directed by Herbert Wilcox (1954) – not accredited
– Club of gangsters (No Road Back), directed by Montgomery Tully (1957)
– Hell Drivers (Hell Drivers), directed by Cy Endfield (1957)
– The large gray door (Time Lock), directed by Gerald Thomas (1957)
– The bandit of Epirus (Action of the Tiger), directed by Terence Young (1957)
– Ecstasy of Love – Operation Love (Another Time, Another Place), directed by Lewis Allen (1958)
– Titanic, latitude 41 north (A Night to Remember), directed by Roy Ward Baker (1958) – not accredited
– Darby O’Gill and the Little People (Darby O’Gill and the Little People), directed by Robert Stevenson (1959)
– Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure, directed by John Guillermin (1959).
– Scotland Yard murder sections (The Frightened City), directed by John Lemont (1961)
– A 077, from France without love (On the Fiddle), directed by Cyril Frankel (1961)
– The Longest Day, directed by Ken Annakin (1962)
– Agent 007 – License to kill (Dr. No), directed by Terence Young (1962)
– A 007, from Russia with Love, directed by Terence Young (1963)
– The Straw Woman (Woman of Straw), directed by Basil Dearden (1964)
– Marnie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock (1964)
– Agent 007 – Goldfinger Mission (Goldfinger), directed by Guy Hamilton (1964)
– The Hill of Dishonor (The Hill), directed by Sidney Lumet (1965)
– Agent 007 – Thunderball (Operation Thunderball), directed by Terence Young (1965)
– A splendid rogue (A Fine Madness), directed by Irvin Kershner (1966)
– Un mondo nuovo (Un monde nouveau), directed by Vittorio De Sica (1966) – not accredited
– Agent 007 – You Only Live Twice, directed by Lewis Gilbert (1967)
– Shalako, directed by Edward Dmytryk (1968)
– The red tent (Krasnaya palatka), directed by Mikheil Kalatozishvili (1969)
– The Conspirators (The Molly Maguires), directed by Martin Ritt (1970)
– Record-breaking robbery in New York (The Anderson Tapes), directed by Sidney Lumet (1971)
– Agent 007 – A cascade of diamonds (Diamonds Are Forever), directed by Guy Hamilton (1971)
– Reflections in a dark mirror (The Offence), directed by Sidney Lumet (1972)
– Zardoz, directed by John Boorman (1974)
– Ransom, state of emergency for a kidnapping (Ransom), directed by Nils Tahivik (1974)
– Murder on the Orient Express, directed by Sidney Lumet (1974)
– The Wind and the Lion, directed by John Milius (1975)
– The Man Who Would Be King, directed by John Huston (1975)
– Robin and Marian (Robin and Marian), directed by Richard Lester (1976)
– The Next Man (The Next Man), directed by Richard C. Sarafian (1976)
– That last bridge (A Bridge Too Far), directed by Richard Attenborough (1977)
– 1855 – The First Great Train Robbery, directed by Michael Crichton (1979)
– Meteor, directed by Ronald Neame (1979)
– Cuba, directed by Richard Lester (1979)
– Zero Atmosphere (Outland), directed by Peter Hyams (1981)
– Time Bandits, directed by Terry Gilliam (1981)
– Deadly Target (Wrong Is Right), directed by Richard Brooks (1982)
– Five Days One Summer, directed by Fred Zinnemann (1982)
– Never Say Never Again, directed by Irvin Kershner (1983)
– Sword of the Valiant – The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, directed by Stephen Weeks (1984)
– Highlander – The Last Immortal (Highlander), directed by Russell Mulcahy (1986)
– The name of the rose, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud (1986)
– The Untouchables – The Untouchables, directed by Brian De Palma (1987)
– The Presidium – Scene of a Crime (The Presidio), directed by Peter Hyams (1988)
– Alla scoperta di papΓ  (Memories of me), directed by Henry Winkler (1988) – not accredited
– Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, directed by Steven Spielberg (1989)
– Family Business, directed by Sidney Lumet (1989)
– Hunting for Red October (The Hunt for Red October), directed by John McTiernan (1990)
– The Russia House, directed by Fred Schepisi (1990)
– Highlander II – The Return (Highlander II: The Quickening), directed by Russell Mulcahy (1991)
– Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves, directed by Kevin Reynolds (1991)
– Mato Grosso (Medicine Man), directed by John McTiernan (1992)
– Rising Sun, directed by Philip Kaufman (1993)
– In search of the sorcerer (A Good Man in Africa), directed by Bruce Beresford (1994)
– The Just Cause, directed by Arne Glimcher (1995)
– The First Knight (First Knight), directed by Jerry Zucker (1995)
– The Rock, directed by Michael Bay (1996)
– The Avengers – Special Agents (The Avengers), directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik (1998)
– Scherzi del cuore (Playing by Heart), directed by Willard Carrol (1998)
– Entrapment, directed by Jon Amiel (1999)
– Discovering Forrester (Finding Forrester), directed by Gus Van Sant (2000)
– The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, directed by Stephen Norrington (2003)

– Dixon of Dock Green – TV series, 1 episode (1956)
– Sailor of Fortune – TV series, 1 episode (1956)
– The Condemned, by Patrick Alexander – TV movie (1956)
– The Jack Benny Program – TV series, 1 episode (1957)
– BBC Sunday-Night Theatre – TV series, 1 episode (1957)
– ITV Television Playhouse – TV series, 1 episode (1957)
– Blood Money, directed by Ralph Nelson – TV movie (1957)
– Anna Christie – TV movie (1957)
– Women in Love, directed by Julian Amyes and Joan Kemp-Welch – TV movie (1958)
– Armchair Theatre – TV series, 1 episode (1958)
– Disneyland – TV series, 1 episode (1959)
– ITV Play of the Week – TV series, 5 episodes (1959-1960)
– An Age of Kings – TV series, 5 episodes (1960)
– Without the Grail – TV movie (1960)
– Riders to the Sea, directed by George R. Foa – short film (1960)
– Macbeth, directed by Paul Almond – TV movie (1961)
– Anna Karenina, directed by Rudolph Cartier – TV movie (1961)
– Adventure Story, directed by Basil Dearden – TV movie (1961)
– ITV Saturday Night Theatre – TV series, 1 episode (1969)
– Male of the Species, directed by Charles Jarrott – TV movie (1969)
– EspaΓ±a campo de golf (documentary), directed by RaΓΊl PeΓ±a – TV movie (1972)
– The Dream Factory (documentary), directed by Michael Negrin – TV movie (1975)
– Freedom: A History of Us – TV series, 1 episode (2003)

– Sixty Glorious Years, directed by Robert Nesbitt (1953)
– South Pacific, directed by Joshua Logan (1953)
– Witness for the Prosecution, directed by Robert Henderson (1955)
– Point of Departure, directed by Frederick Farley (1955)
– A Witch in Time, directed by Robert Henderson (1955)
– The Good Sailor, directed by Frith Banbury (1956)
– The Bacchae, directed by Minos Volanakis (1959).
– The Sea Shell, directed by Henry Kaplan (1959)
– Anna Christie, directed by Douglas Seale (1960)
– Naked (Dressing the Naked), directed by Minos Volanakis (1960)
– Judith, directed by Christopher Fry (1962)
– Doubler or narrator
– Sean Connery’s Edinburgh (television documentary) (1981)
– G’olΓ©!, directed by Tom Clegg (1982)
– Dragonheart, directed by Rob Cohen (1996)
– From Russia with Love (James Bond 007: From Russia with Love) (video game) (2005) – James Bond
– Sir Billi, directed by Sascha Hartmann (2012)

– After the Funeral, directed by Ian Cottrell (1986)

– The Bowler and the Bunnet (television documentary) (1967)[22].
– I’ve Seen You Cut Lemons (1969)
– Sean Connery’s Edinburgh (television documentary) (1981)[22].

– The Bowler and the Bunnet (television documentary), directed by Sean Connery (1967)
– Mato Grosso (Medicine Man), directed by John McTiernan (1992)
– Rising Sun, directed by Philip Kaufman (1993)
– The Just Cause, directed by Arne Glimcher (1995)
– The Rock, directed by Michael Bay (1996)
– Art (theater work), directed by Matthew Warchus (1998)
– Entrapment, directed by Jon Amiel (1999)
– Discovering Forrester (Finding Forrester), directed by Gus Van Sant (2000)
– The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, directed by Stephen Norrington (2003)
– Sir Billi, directed by Sascha Hartmann (2012)

– Pretty Irish Girl, by Oliver Wallace and Lawrence Edward Watkin (1959) (from the movie Darby O’Gill and the king of the goblins)
– Ballamaquilty’s Band, traditional motif (1959) (from the movie Darby O’Gill and the king of the goblins)
– Peter and the Wolf (Pierino and the Wolf), by Sergej Sergeevič Prokof’ev (1966) (narrating voice)

Film Awards
– Academy Awards: 1988 – Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables – The Untouchables;
– Tony Award: 1998 – Best Actor for Art (Theatrical Performance);
– British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA Awards): 1988 – Best Leading Actor for The Name of the Rose; 1998 – Academy fellowship;
– Bambi Awards: 1985 – International Film Award;
– Blockbuster Entertainment Awards: 1997 – Favorite Supporting Actor (Action/Adventure) for The Rock
– Christopher Award: 2001 – Best film for Discovering Forrester;
– Deutscher Filmpreis: 1987 – Best leading actor for The name of the rose;
– European Film Awards: 1999 – Best European Actor Award for Entrapment; 2005 – Lifetime Achievement Award;
– Directors Guild of America Award: 1987 – D.W. Griffith Awards for Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables;
– Golden Globe: 1972 – Henrietta Men’s Award (ex aequo with Charles Bronson); 1988 – Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables; 1996 – Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award;
– Jupiter Award: 1986 – Best International Actor for The Name of the Rose; 1989 – Best International Actor for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade;
– Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards: 1987 – Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables;
– Laurel Awards: 1964 – Best Debutante Actor; 1965 – Golden Laurel for Performance in Action Film for Agent 007 – Goldfinger Mission; 1966 – Golden Laurel for Performance in Action Film for Operation Thunder;
– London Critics Circle Film Awards: 1988 – Actor of the Year for The Untouchables;
– MTV Movie Awards: 1997 – Best Film Couple for The Rock with Nicolas Cage;
– National Board of Review Award: 1987 – Best Supporting Actor for The Untouchables; 1993 – Lifetime Achievement Award;
– Online Film & Television Association Awards: 1997 – Best voice actor for Dragonheart;
– Satellite Awards: 2001 – Best Supporting Actor for Discovering Forrester;
– Variety Club of Great Britain: 1965 – Silver Heart for Best Actor of the Year; 1989 – Silver Heart for Best Actor of the Year;

Other lifetime achievement awards
– American Cinematheque Gala Tribute – 1992
– American Film Institute – 2006
– BBC Scotland – Man of the Year – 1991
– CinEuphoria Awards – 2011
– David di Donatello Award – Special David for Lifetime Achievement – 1977
– International Rome Film Festival – Marc’Aurelio d’oro alla carriera – 2006
– Film Society of Lincoln Center – 1997
– International Grand Prix of Entertainment (Telegatto) – 2002
– Hasty Pudding Theatricals – 1984
– Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – 2002
– Kennedy Center Honors – 1999
– Palm Springs International Film Festival – 2001
– Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama – Fellowship – (1984)
– Saturn Award (Golden Scroll) – Lifetime Achievement – 1995
– ShoWest Convention – 1982 (Special World Star of the Year Award) and 1999 (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Academic awards
– Honorary degree in literature, Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh (1981)
– Man of the Year, Harvard University (1984)
– Honorary degree in literature, University of St. Andrews (1990)

– Commander of the Order of the British Empire;
– Knight Bachelor;
– Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor (France);
– Commander of the Order of Arts and Literature (France) ;
– Grand Officer of the Order of Manuel Amador Guerrero (Panama);

Source: Wikipedia

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