Google Down December 14, 2020

It would seem that Googleโ€™s authentication system or even something else doesnโ€™t want to work today. When you try to access connected services such as mail, youtube, drive, meet video calls, google maps and others, you get a 500 error or a 503 error. When you try to login again by deleting cookies, the system responds that the account does not exist.

We have noticed that both free and paid services are affected by these inefficiencies. The search engine service has not been involved and seems to be still working.

We noticed that the problem occurred around 13:00 Italian time or about 7 am in New York. This down has certainly contributed to paralyze many activities such as online lessons made through google services, the browser and much more.

At the moment you write, after about thirty minutes, the service has been restored and all the activities are back to normal. This makes us reflect how dependent we are on the service of the web giant.

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