Keys to play GTA V

The GTA V game has a decent mobility but sometimes you need to keep in mind a huge number of keys to play properly. Many times I have found the need to go and look at the keys but this function keeps me locked the game and so I think it is useful to write an article that can be watched by a second monitor or on the mobile without interrupting the game. We will follow the classic key split of the game but try to give a formatting that can help the player recognize at a glance what he is looking for.


Break P

Radar zoom or multiplayer info Z

Scroll View V

Special Skills CAPS LOCK

Switch to Michael F5

Switch to Franklin F6

Switch to Trevor F7

Switch online F8

Interaction menu M

Start and stop recording F1

Replay start and stop F2

Unregister undo F3

Social club overlay β†–

Contextual action E


Come in W

Back S

Left A

Right D


Take SHIFT sx

Get in the vehicle F

Look back on foot CTRL sx


Get in the vehicle mouse tasto sx

Use shelter Q

Bombs and grenades G

Fist R

Football Q


Shoot with weapon mouse sx

Charging R

Weapon accessories E

Zoom Sniper Mouse up

Zoom Sniper – Mouse down

Selected Weapons

Rotate Weapons TAB

Next Weapon Mouse down

Previous weapon Mouse up

Unarmed 1

Body-to-body 2

Shotgun 3

Heavy weapon TAB

Special Weapon 5

Gun 6

Mitra 7

Assault Rifle 8

Sniper rifle 9

Generic vehicle

Exit the vehicle F

Next Weapon TAB

Previous vehicle weapon Γ¨

Look back C

Next radio .

Previous radio ,

Next custom radio Γ¬

Previous custom radio '

Dynamic view R

Radio wheel Q

Cinematic view L

Lowered X

Slow motion Mouse up

Left A

Right D

Tilt forward SHIFT sx

Tilt behind CTRL sx

Shoot from vehicle Mouse sx

Aim in the race Mouse dx

Position lights H

Handbrake SPACE

Horn E

Bike shot β‡ͺ

Front bike brake Q


Increase power W

Reduce power S

Embarrassed to the Left A

Embarrassed to the Right D

Right Roll numpad 4

Left Roll numpad 6

Toying ahead numpad 8

Toying behind numpad 5

Aerial fire SPACE

Left Target numpad 7

Target right numpad 9

Cart G

Aircraft rampino E

Weapon View INS


Increase power W

Reduce power S

Turn to the Left A

Turn to right D

Turn right numpad 4

Turn left numpad 6

Toying ahead numpad 8

Toying behind numpad 5

Salts SHIFT sx

Get CTRL sx


Toying ahead W

Tossing back S

Turn left A

Turn right D

Open parachute F

Parachute drop F

Brake to the left Q

Brake to the right E

Smoke X

Precision control SHIFT sx

quick call

Use phone ↑

Phone on ↑

Phone down ↓

Left Phone ←

Right Phone β†’

Phone selection ENTER


Phone options CANC

Special phone options SPACE

Scroll forward MOUSE DOWN

Scroll back MOUSE UP

Camera self-portrait E

Change Expression X

Camera Grid G

Depth of field F

To communicate with others

Global Chat T

Team chat Y

Press to talk N

Indicate B

Leave the weapon F9

Leave the ammo F10

Raise or lower visor F11

It is important to MOUSE UPcode> specify MOUSE DOWNcode> that when we write and refer to the mouse wheel, it will be forward and behind. Many users find that for movements, especially on vehicles, it is very useful to use a gamepad. Let us know if you’re interested in an article on the topic and the use of this GTA V accessory.

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