Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat is a fairly recent breed from California by a breeder, Ann Baker. The ancestors of the current Ragdoll were a white angora cat called Josephine and a Burmese kitten. Later Josephine, with other males always Burmese or Burmese produced kittens with a docile temperament, placid, affectionate nature and a tendency to relax when picked up. Hence the name Ragdoll, or rag doll, precisely for the characteristic of abandoning himself completely in the arms of the master. Having a reputation as an excellent companion this breed is very popular in America and since the 90s also in Europe and Italy where it is increasingly popular.

This breed was initially so protected that you could not buy a single cat but were always sold in pairs. There is also a legend around the cat Josephine. It is said that initially she had an aggressive and suspicious character, but during a pregnancy she suffered an accident that completely changed her character, becoming very docile and affectionate, qualities that passed to the kittens that since then have become the most docile breed of cats in the world. In her homeland of origin, the United States is also called โ€œcherubโ€ because of her docility.

Character of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll cat is a breed of cats particularly affectionate and sweet. They are very intelligent and playful cats even if they do not like much noise and confusion. The thing they love the most is to be in the arms of the owner or sleep curled up on his legs. The physical contact for this cat is very important, but does not demand it absolutely, in the interaction will never be invasive and will allow a quiet development of daily activities.

It is not suitable for people who are not at home for many hours a day, as it suffers a lot from loneliness. For the rest it is suitable for everyone, even small children as tirelessly playful, as long as the game does not become too violent or noisy, because it is very difficult for the ragdoll to bite or pull out the nails. It is also suitable for the elderly as it makes a lot of company. It is a typical apartment cat and really homely. Even if it has the possibility of it is not out much preferring the house, where it can follow the various members of the family in all movements and daily activities.

Get along well with other animals, both cats and dogs as long as they are not too lively. Sometimes he develops a certain degree of jealousy for other animals living in the house, but he generally accepts them quietly. It โ€˜s very touchy, if scolded is able to sulk for hours, holed up in a corner offended and disheartened.

With strangers who frequent the house tends to develop a relationship of friendship, you can safely say that this cat gets along well with everyone and is always looking for cuddles and caresses from all humans in the house.ย  It has no tendency to meow and it does so only when it is needed.

Appearance of the Ragdoll Cat

Key features: beautiful. Beautiful for its elegance, for its spectacular hair, for its eyes so sweet and blue.

The Ragdoll is one of the largest breeds of domestic cat.ย  It is a muscular cat with a strong bone structure that gives it an imposing appearance. The male can reach up to 8 / 9 kilograms, the female up to 5.

The head is wide and round with pronounced chin, the ears are quite wide and well spaced. The eyes are large and oval, slightly oblique, of an intense blue color.ย  The neck is rather short with a thick gorgera of hair that surrounds the neck to form a sort of jacket, which remains thick and fluffy even in summer. The legs are of medium length with medium strong bones, the hind legs are slightly higher than the front ones. The long tail is well stocked with thick hair.

The hair of the Ragdoll Cat is particularly soft and compact, it can be from long to medium long depending on the variety.ย  The hair colors can be different: from seal, blue, red, liliac, tabby, chocolate, etc..ย  The designs of the breed standard are 3: colorpoint which has a darker color on the legs, nose, tail and ears; the bicolor which is characterized by white spots on the back and abdomen entirely white; the mitted which is a colorpoint with white abdomen and legs.

Care and Health of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll Cat has good health throughout its life. The life expectancy of this breed is quite high, ranging from 15 to 18 years and even more.ย  As far as feeding is concerned, it has few problems, it tends to get a little fat but a balanced diet is all that is needed, but it should be controlled because it tends to eat a lot.

The hair should be brushed at least two or three times a week, during the moulting period also every day even if it loses an average amount of hair during the moulting. As far as the treatments are concerned, these are those to be applied to every feline, i.e. cleaning of the ears, teeth and nails.

You have to be careful with this cat because it has a very high pain threshold, sometimes it does not notice even if we step on its tail, so sometimes it does not feel the danger. Another thing to be careful of is that it should never be dropped from above. Unlike many other cats he canโ€™t turn around in the air to fall to his feet.

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