Roundcube does not display contact images in the message window

If your Roundcube webmail installation insists on not showing images of your contacts on the page where you view your emails. If it continues to show you the default white image called contactpic.svg despite the fact that the installation was done correctly. The reason may be more trivial than we can imagine. I have realised that if the browser cache is active, the images are not displayed once they have been inserted into the contacts.

The solution is simple, regardless of which browser you use you could download an addon that disables the cache or you could set the cache to 1kb. This way you will realise that the problem has been magically solved. I personally use an addon for Chrome called cache killer, but you can also work on the code.

Normally roundcube is already configured so that the output is not cachable, you can see it in the index.php file inside the folder but sometimes it can happen that there is for some reason a cache problem due to the fact that you are using a cdn or that you have set the server with some code to tell the browser to make a copy of the image cache for a matter of speed.

Please do not confuse server-side caching with browser-side caching because, as you can imagine, they are two different things. Generally speaking, it is enough to disable the cache in the browser. I hope that this article is useful to someone because I have not found any indication on the Internet.

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