The Bombay Feline Race

I have a particular fondness for this breed of cats, so much so that I have had several all black. In fact, this breed, not widespread in Italy and Europe, I like for its disposition, is cuddly, intelligent, affectionate and is fond not to a single person, even if it has a particular preference for what it chooses as master, but to the whole family unit.

It’s a race from America, and it’s also quite recent. This pure-bred cat has a short-haired, very shiny coat and no stains of any kind. The eyes are the peculiar characteristic of this breed, they are coppery in color, but it is quite rare to see a cat of this breed with that particular point of color, so they range from gold, to golden yellow to intense yellow. Both the nose and the bearings under the legs are black. The eyes are spaced and the ears not very large bend just forward. He looks like a little panther in everything. This breed is quite small, males generally weigh around 5 kilograms, while females range from 3 to 4 kilograms. It has a different meow from all other cats, in fact meow piano, which almost does not feel and in a very sweet way and also very rarely.

It is a cat very suitable for families with children, as long as they are not very noisy, in fact it has a lot of patience and is very quiet. He does not like to familiarize with other cats, but accepts the dog. It is a very independent cat and needs its spaces, preferably in warm and quiet places in the house. He loves to sleep with his master and reluctantly accepts that he is left alone for many hours. She is a lover of silence and the comfort of home. He is easily frightened by sudden noises and unlike so many other types of cats who need to go out to explore and hunt, he is basically lazy, relaxes and does not suffer from staying in the apartment. It purrs many and just needs a few attentions and above all, when it requires it, the closeness of the master to be happy.

He has a fairly long lifespan, is estimated to be 18 to 20 years old and has no particular health problems related to race. She often has an appetite, so she doesn’t really like to see the empty bowl and will do anything to make it fill. However, you have to be careful about the amount of food you eat because it tends to eat a lot and can face problems with obesity or diabetes. For the rest it does not need special care except brush the hair every 2 or 3 days. You don’t need to bathe him unless you need to do something that’s attached to his hair or if he’s got a lot of soil. This breed, like the others, has a protective layer on the skin and to not remove it is better to clean it with dry shampoo or damp towels.

It is habitual and therefore sleeps and watches at the same time. He doesn’t really like people he doesn’t know and when that happens he tends to hide and come back out only when they’re gone. However, if a person comes into the house often enough, after a proper amount of time, he comes out into the open and once he is known becomes an affectionate cat even with this person. He is very fond of the house or apartment where he lives and if he were to be moved to another place, he needs some time to adapt. Although lazy he likes to play especially with his master and is a pretty smart cat to which you can teach to bring back or other very simple games.

His particular slow, curvy walk made him look like a miniature panther, and that’s what his creator, Kentucky breeder Nikki Orner, had as a goal when she crossed various breeds of black cats. The breed was recognized in the 1970s, and from the initial breeding from which about 100 specimens came out, they are now bred in many countries of the world, but especially in America. In Europe they are well known and appreciated in the UK, but there are farms in all countries of the European Union.

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