Turmeric Fried Chicken Recipe

Today I am going to tell you about a recipe that was sent to me directly from Malaysia. It is based on chicken and turmeric which is renowned for its beneficial effects. She claims that she prepares this dish on a daily basis.


Turmeric is native to India and Malaysia. The name turmeric comes from Arabic and means saffron. We have no record of who was the first person to cook chicken but the first people to prepare it with turmeric were probably the people of Southeast Asian countries.


I was not sent the quantities of the ingredients because I was told that every family has its own dosage which depends on personal tastes and health. Let’s not forget that anyway we are talking about fried chicken and therefore it is not a particularly light dish.

  • Chicken fillet;
  • Rice;
  • Oil;
  • Sliced and powdered garlic;
  • Onions;
  • Red pepper;
  • Beans;
  • Turmeric;
  • Paprika;
  • Black pepper;
  • Lemon;


  • Cook the rice by simply boiling it.
  • Heat a tablespoon of oil in a skillet.
  • Slice garlic, onions, red pepper and beans.
  • Cut chicken fillet into small pieces and marinade with salt, turmeric, garlic powder, paprika and black pepper.
  • Heat a pan with a little oil and add the marinated chicken.
  • Wait a few minutes until the chicken is cooked and then add a little more oil.
  • Add the previously sliced ingredients, lemon juice and mix well.
  • The dish is served along with rice and is very popular in Malaysia.

Thanks and Considerations

Many thanks to my friend from Malaysia who wanted to share this preparation with us. You may have noticed right away that there is no real indication of the quantity of the components precisely because it is a recipe that comes directly from Malaysia and they do everything by eye.

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